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Murder in Oakland: $10,000 Reward Offered in Slaying of 36-Year-Old Man

By Nicholas Stix

The suspect, believed to be in his late 20s, was described as about 6 feet tall with a slim build, black hair, and beard. The security photos show him entering a white 2012 Chevy Malibu.

$10,000 reward offered in slaying of 36-year-old man in Oakland

The suspect in the fatal shooting of an Oakland man remained at large months after the killing, prompting authorities to offer a $10,000 reward Thursday for information leading to his arrest. Oakland Police released a series of surveillance photos taken of the gunman immediately after the slaying of 36-year-old Jerry Ezell Harbin in hopes that someone will recognize him and tip off detectives. The security photos show the suspected killer still holding what appe...

Can Someone Please Tell Me What This White Woman Said that was “Racist”? (Notorious Chicago Video)

By Nicholas Stix
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Video title and text by Jessie Grady, a white aunt Jemima, who seeks to incite people to murder the white woman in the video.

“Racist White Woman Trump Rant in Chicago Store 11/23/16”


Published on Nov 25, 2016

Comments were disabled on this video. Hate and violence are not acceptable in any situation. This woman needs to apologize and take responsibility for her actions, but hatred is not welcome here. If you are outraged by this video, PLEASE use this rage to stand up against hatred and racism. This one woman is not the problem. This is a MUCH BIGGER problem.

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This is Not a Duplicate Posting: Another Man Fatally Shoots a “Teenager” Who Attempted to Rob Him in West Garfield Park, in Chicago

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat

[N.S.: The Fox headline is fake. The would-be robber was no "teen," except in the sense of being a code word for black. He was 19.]

Chicago Police: Man fatally shoots teen who tried to rob ...

SUN-TIMES MEDIA WIRE - A man fatally shot a teenager who attempted to rob him Friday afternoon in the West Garfield Park neighborhood, according to Chicago Police.

"Yes, I will be at the review stand at the inauguration and I am going to kill President-elect Trump... what are you gonna do about it Secret Service?": Clinton Family Friend Charged After Threatening to Kill Donald Trump on Twitter

By Reader-Researcher RC

At Zero Hedge.

After Enjoying a 12-Year-Long Press Honeymoon, the World’s Biggest Hypocrite Tells the Press to Attack the Successor They’ve Already Sought Since 2015 to Destroy (Video)

By Nicholas Stix

At the last-last-last public speech as president of the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama,” the man who was illegally elected twice conjured up an alternate universe of press relations during his reign, in order to incite more media hatred against the man who legally elected, against whom the MSM sought to rig the election, and whom they began on the day after the election, to seek to run out of office, as they did Richard Nixon.

“You're not supposed to be sycophants, you're supposed to be skeptics, you're supposed to ask me tough questions. You're not supposed to be complimentary, but you're supposed to cast a critical eye on folks who hold enormous power and make sure that we are accountable to the people who sent us here, and you have done that.”

NPR Transcript, and ludicrous notes.

NPR tells us, among other pearls of dung, that a tan suit can be very controversial.

“Obama”: Good afternoon everybody. Let me start off by saying that I was sorely tempted to wear a tan suit today…

... for my last press conference.”

NPR: “This was something of an inside joke. In August 2014, President Obama gave a press conference where he talked about some weighty issues, including Syria and Ukraine. It’s the press conference where you might remember he said, “We don't have a strategy yet” when it came to Syria and whether he needed Congress’ approval to act.

But it was his choice of suit that made the Internet go nuts:”

No. The Internet did not “go nuts.” And if it had, what he said today would not have been an "inside joke."

What happened was that “Obama” showed himself to be incompetent in foreign affairs, and the MSM bailed him out, by frivolously changing the subject, to the color of his suit.

[Postscript, 11:49 p.m.] NPR’s David Folkenflik: “In his opening remarks, Obama directly addressed the reporters assembled for his final appearance, offering remarks of appreciation and respect. The tone was notable for the contrast it offers with the suspicion and at times contempt that the incoming Trump administration has expressed.”

As the saying goes, “A half-truth is a whole lie.” Folkenflik’s attitude is like that of a hostile bystander or cop who reacts to the rage of a mugging victim by criticizing the vic. It is the media which has shown hatred to Trump. There’d be something deeply wrong with Trump, if he did not show suspicion and contempt toward his media enemies, and such a wimpy would have caused him to lose the election. Folkenflik is projecting his own hatred onto Trump.


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Little Elm, Texas: A Police Officer, Detective Jerry Walker Has been Murdered

By A Texas Reader


Baltimore: Another Tamir Rice? Racist, 13-Year-Old Black Thug and 13 Racist, Black Accomplices Tries to Carjack (and Murder?) 73-Year-Old White Man (Colin Flaherty Video)

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Black Mob Picks on Wrong Old White Dude in Baltimore – Former Cop Pulls Gun


Published on Dec 23, 2016

Racist, CNN Lefty Talking Head: “Trump doesn’t have much impulse control”

By Nicholas Stix

These characters (with the surprising exception of David Gergen) support every racist outrage by John Lewis, Obama, Khizr Khan, et al., but Donald Trump lacks impulse control?!

(I heard the man speaker from the other room, and can’t identify him.)

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The Leftwing Mind, on MLK Day

Miami: Blacks Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a Mass Shooting Near Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park


The man, in whose honor blacks commit murder and mayhem

Miami MLK mass shooting site

By A Texas Reader

Happens every NASCAR race, too.


At Breitbart.

White Georgia Commissioner Calls John Lewis “a racist pig”!



By Reader-Researcher RC

John Lewis is called 'a racist pig' by a white Georgia commissioner on Facebook, furious about the civil rights icon's spat with Donald Trump

Tommy Hunter of Gwinnett County made the accusation on Saturday

It was a response to Lewis refusing to attend Trump's inauguration

Hunter said he was angry that Lewis said Russian hacks led to Trump winning

He deleted his posts and said he stood by the message but regretted 'racist pig'

Hunter was elected in 2012 in the 47% non-white county and re-elected in Nov

By James Wilkinson
Published: 12:01 EST, 16 January 2017 | Updated: 12:13 EST, 16 January 2017

Civil rights icon and Georgia representative John Lewis has been called 'a racist pig' in a Facebook by a white, Republican commissioner in the state.

The remarks by Tommy Hunter, a member of the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners, came after Lewis said at the weekend he would boycott Donald Trump's inauguration, sparking an online row.

'John Lewis is a racist pig,' Hunter wrote Saturday, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. 'There ain't one political pundit that didn't say on November 9 that this would be Demonrats EXACT response to Trump winning.'…

[N.S.: Unfortunately, Commissioner Hunter later wimped out, and deleted, and/or made private, all of his Facebook comments.]

Celebrate the Birth of the Savior of Mankind, Martin Luther King Jr., by Listening to Herman Hermits’ Hit Record, “No MLK Today”!



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Herman's Hermits: “No Milk Today” (HD) (HQ Remastered Audio)

In case anyone thinks I'm engaging in hyperbole, In the late Ralph Abernathy's memoir, The Walls Came Tumbling Down, he quoted an aide to King as saying that he considered the man greater than Jesus. and that was while he was alive! Today, I reckon, millions of blacks in America share that idolatrous sentiment

The King of the Eskimos: Martin Luther King Jr.’s Communist Associates (Alan Stang)

[Previous chapter: “The So-Called Civil Rights Movement was a Bought-and-Paid-for Communist Front (Alan Stang).”]

When FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover exposed Martin Luther King Jr. as surrounded by communist aides and allies, King responded as follows.
[I am] sick and tired of people saying this movement has been infiltrated by Communists and Communist sympathizers.
There are as many Communists in this freedom movement as there are Eskimos in Florida.1
— The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. New York World-Telegram (July 23, 1964), p. 2.
Hoover responded, “In my opinion, “Dr. Martin Luther King is the most notorious liar in the country.”

The next year, in his work, It's Very Simple: The True Story of Civil Rights, muckraking journalist Alan Stang responded by sardonically calling King, “the king of the Eskimos.”

King’s Communist Associates (A List in Progress)

Stanley Levison
Bayard Rustin
Myles Horton
Zilphia Horton
The Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth
Carl Braden
Anne Braden
Hunter Pitts Jack O’Dell
James A. Dombrowski
Aubrey Williams
Abner W. Berry
Ahmed Ben Bella

From It's Very Simple: The True Story of Civil Rights, by Alan Stang (1965)
Chapter Ten: The King of the Eskimos

Chapter Ten: The King of the Eskimos

By Alan Stang

Based on all available information from the FBI and other sources, we have no evidence that any of the top leaders of the major civil rights groups are Communists or Communist controlled. This is true as to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., about whom particular accusations were made, as well as other leaders.1 Former Attorney General of the United States Robert F. Kennedy

Okay. Fine. We've proved our point: This is quite a nasty crowd of people. but you are probably already asking: So what? What's it prove?

What's all this got to do with the Rev. Dr. King?

You will recall that on December 1, 1955, a nonviolent lady named Mrs. Rosa Parks, who is a Negro, refused to move to the back of the bus in Montgomery, Alabama, and thereby made the first move in what soon came to be the Montgomery bus boycott.2 Mrs. Parks had no doubt been prepared for the adventure by a recent educational experience that included a course at an institution by the name of Highlander Folk School, then located in the town of Monteagle, in the state of Tennessee.3

It was of course the Montgomery bus boycott, conducted by Dr. King, which thrust him suddenly from the shadows of obscurity into the
dangerous glare of fame. Dr. King did his work at the head of an organization by the name of the Montgomery Improvement Association
(MIA). The Montgomery Improvement Association had been formed by the Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth.4

". . . Where possible we should build shop units and everywhere else units in the church youth organizations. Why? Because in the South, especially for the Negro youth, the church is the center of all cultural and social activity. It is here that we must work. By building our units in the church organizations, we can also improve our work under the illegal conditions, as it will be easier to work in the church organizations. In Alabama there are certain places in which we can in a short while take over the church organizations of youth, under our leadership, and these can become legal covers for our work in the South."5 Communist official Gil Green, 1935

So the Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth and the Rev. Dr. King went about improving Montgomery. And in this they were joined by Bayard Rustin. For it happened that in this same year, 1955, Mr. Rustin had somehow managed to find employment as Dr. King's "secretary," and "advisor."6

Dr. King thinks very highly of Mr. Rustin. He describes him as "a brilliant, efficient and dedicated organizer and one of the best and most persuasive interpreters of nonviolence."7 Indeed, he was even allowed to accompany Dr. King to Oslo, where Dr. King was awarded the Nobel Prize--for Peace.8

"In the first place the communists, applying the tactics of the ultra-left period (1928-34), made the fatal error of alienating Negro ministers by such techniques as attacking religion and calling them 'social-fascist misleaders of the masses.' James Ford later admitted that this line proved to be a disastrous mistake. Time and again, the writer has been told in interviews that the leading force among the Negro lower class and part of the middle class is the ministers, and that no movement will succeed among the 'masses' which has not the approval of the Negro clergy . . ."9

So the three of them went ahead and improved Montgomery.

After they had improved Montgomery for more than a year, they held a meeting in Atlanta, in March of 1957, at which they formed the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC).

The meeting probably couldn't have been called in February because Mr. Rustin, Dr. King's "secretary," was then attending the sixteenth national convention of the Communist party.

The president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference is the Rev. Dr. King.

The vice-president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference is the Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth. 10 And the Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth is the new president of the Southern Conference Education Fund11 (also known as the Southern Conference for Human Welfare--they are the same organization), which is a Communist front, and whose field director, Carl Braden, is a national sponsor of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, which is also a Communist front.

The program director for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference is the Rev. Andrew Young,12 who is also administrator of the Dorchester Center near Savannah, Georgia, which is part of SCLC, and which uses the offices, rent free, of the Communist infiltrated Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers. The Rev. Andrew Young was trained at the Highlander Folk School, then located in the town of Monteagle, in the state of Tennessee.

On the Labor Day weekend of this same year, 1957, at this same Highlander Folk School of Monteagle, Tennessee, many humanitarians gathered to discuss civil rights. A photograph of the events records the presence of Mrs. Rosa Parks. Charles Gomillion, dean of students at Tuskegee Institute was there. Still another picture shows Fred Routh, an official of the Southern Regional Council, 63 Auburn AVe., N.E., Atlanta, Georgia, conducting a "workshop."

"In addition to serving as a founder, vice president and principal organizer of the Southern Negro Youth Congress, he [James E. Jackson, Jr., national committee of the Communist party; editor of the Worker] participated in the formation and building of the Southern Conference for Human Welfare, the Southern Regional Council, and many other movements which in any way challenged the status quo of Negro oppression and Southern social backwardness."13

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was there, of course, with his close friend and associate, the Rev. Ralph Abernathy. A photograph records Abernathy's presence. Another photograph shows the Rev. Dr. King addressing the assemblage--perhaps at the very moment when he piled praise on School Director Myles Horton, whose "noble purpose and creative work," he says he has long admired, possibly because it has included some cash to Dr. King.

Dr. King also mentioned Aubrey Williams, whom he termed "one of the noble personalities of our times."14

Still another photograph shows the following individuals enjoying a lecture: the Rev. Dr. King, who is of course a nonviolent; Aubrey Williams, who is an identified Communist, was then president of the SCEF-HW, and is a probable violent; Myles Horton, who is a friend of Communists, and a teacher of Communists, is director of this Communist school, and is another probable violent; and Abner W. Berry of the central committee of the Communist party, a definite violent.

Comrade Berry looks [?] but the others seem to be enjoying the lecture very much. On the form letter of May 15, 1963, in which Director Horton explains that the Highlander idea has been "born again," the Rev. Dr. King is listed as a Highlander sponsor.

"Need for this program became clear," the letter explained,

"as we developed the Citizenship Schools now being spread throughout the South by Dr. Martin Luther King's Southern Christian Leadership
Conference and student civil rights organization."

On October 7, 1959, the Rev. Dr. King wrote a letter to Anne Braden--a definite violent--who, as you will recall, had been indicted for sedition by the American state of Kentucky and is the editor of the Southern Patriot, which is published by the SCEF-HW, which also employs her husband Carl, an ex-convict and also a violent, as field director. Louisiana Committee on Un-American Activities Counsel Jack Rogers explains at a hearing that:

in this [letter] King urges Anne Braden and her husband, Carl, both Communist party members to become permanently associated with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference . . . Of course, the Bradens were well identified publicly as Communists long before the date of this letter. We offer the letter.

The next document is a letter from Martin Luther King to James A. Dombrowski, dated August 16, 1960. It shows the friendly personal relationship that had developed between these two men by that time.
It is very brief, I will read it to the Committee. It says: "Dear Jim: This is just a note to acknowlege receipt of your letters of recent date. We, too, wer more than happy to have you in our home, the fellowship was very rewarding. I will expect to hear from you when Bishop Love returns to the country. At that time we can set the date for an Atlanta meeting. Very sincerely yours, Martin."15 (italics added)

Dr. Dombrowski is executive director of SCEF-HW and an identified Communist.

King has cooperated closely with the Southern Conference Educational Fund since our last report [testifies committee counsel Jack Rogers]. He filed a lengthy affidavit in the Federal Court in New Orleans strongly supporting James A. Dombrowski and the Southern Conference Educational Fund as "integrationists" of good character. When I saw this affidavit, I sent King three copies of our first report on the Southern Conference Educational Fund by air-mail, special delivery; and I sent him word through his attorney, Wiley A. Branton, Atlanta, Georgia, that he, King, could appear in Court in New Orleans and repudiate the affidavit if he so desired, on the basis of having been given evidence of the Communist connections and leadership of the Southern Conference Educational Fund . . . If King were ever inclined to cleanse himself of the taint of Communism, this would have been a very excellent opportunity, well justified under the circumstances. I regret to inform the Committee that no answer, whatsoever, was received from Martin Luther King, and his affidavit still stands in the court record in New Orleans, in spite of his certain knowledge of the true character of the Communist leadership of the Southern Conference Educational Fund.16

Indeed, a photograph exists which shows the Rev. Dr. King along with Anne Braden, Carl Braden and James Dombrowski, the last three all
identified Reds, the back of which reads as follows in Dombrowski's handwriting: "The 6th Annual Conference of the Southern Christian
Leadership Conference, Birmingham, Alabama, September 25 to 28, 1962."17

In part 2, page 99 of the Louisiana report we read also of:

a check issued by the Southern Conference Educational Fund, Inc., signed by Benjamin E. Smith, and James A. Dombrowski, dated March 7, 1963, to the order of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., $167.74, with a notation on it, "New York expenses," and the endorsement of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on the back . . .

You will recall Robert F. Williams, who is a Communist and a violent. It seems that he, too, is on excellent terms with Carl Braden:
"Dear Carl, We hope you and Anne are doing fine. We are all well. We were glad to see the review of NEGROES WITH GUNS in the Southern Patriot . . ."18 And so on.

Not long after, Dr. King travelled to Danville, Virginia, in the company of the Bradens.19

In 1960, "secretary" Rustin decided to quit. But Dr. King did not lose stride. Late in the year he hired a man named Hunter Pitts O'Dell.

You will recall that Mr. O'Dell was known in 1956 to be an important Communist official, and since 1961 to be a member of the national committee of the Communist party.

Newspapers pointed this out:

A Communist has infiltrated to the top administrative post in the Rev. Martin Luther King's Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

He is Jack H. O'Dell, acting executive director of conference activities in southeastern states, including Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.20

So Dr. King fired O'Dell. He explains that O'Dell "may have had some connections in the past, but we were convinced that he had renounced them and had become committed to the Christian philosophy of non-violence in dealing with America's social injustices."21

". . . Although as a Communist one is inwardly not religious--the statement continues--it is nevertheless of importance, and even vital for the expansion of Communism that one should pretend to believe in the purity and sublimity of religion."22

So O'Dell did some work at the Dorchester Center, which is run by the Rev. Young, and then as administrator of the New York office of SCLC, until pressure from the press forced Dr. King to fire him again.

"King said the Negro, Jack H. O'Dell of New York, left the SCLC, the second time June 26 [1963] by 'mutual agreement' because of concern that his affiliation with the integration movement would be used against it by 'segregationists and race baiters.'"23

That ended it.

". . . the Party is today engaged in a systematic program to infiltrate American religious groups. 'The Communist Party,' said the National Committee in 1954, 'declares that it seeks no conflict with any church or any American's religious belief. On the contrary, we stretch out our hand in the fellowship of common struggle for our mutual goal of peace, democracy and security to all regardless of religious belief.' Members were being told: 'Join churches and become involved in church work.'"24 J. Edgar Hoover, Director, FBI

In fact, Dr. King:

denied repeatedly a recently published report [in the Atlanta Constitution] that O'Dell was currently [July 1963] employed by the SCLC in any capacity.

The newspaper said he was director of the SCLC New York office. A staff employee who answered the telephone Thursday morning told United Press International O'Dell was still with the office as administrator of the New York operation. Later in the day the same office said he was not connected with the agency and had no knowledge of his whereabouts.

King told reporters he could not understand why anyone in his office would say O'Dell worked there when he doesn't. . .

King said the O'Dell issue was being used in another attempt to forestall and hamper the true essence of today's civil rights struggle.

"It is another McCarthy-like tactic to destroy the movement," King said.25 (italics added)

Dr. King becomes almost nauseated at even the thought of "McCarthy-like tactics," you see. If there's one thing he insists on, its fair play:

". . . I think nothing threatens the health, the survival and the morality of our nation more than the possibility of Mr. Goldwater being elected President. . . We see danger signs of Hitlerism in the candidacy of Mr. Goldwater."26 (italics added)

". . . the increasing frequency with which communist terminology was being adopted to describe Negro events and problems in the Negro newspapers and other literature. For instance, it became commonplace to write about 'fascist police brutality,' 'fascist slave labor,' etc. . ."27

In fact, there are danger signs everywhere:

The subject of the real head-shaking is Rev. Martin Luther King. His influence is very great. His original dedication to non-violence can hardly be doubted. Yet, he has accepted and is almost certainly still accepting Communist-collaboration and even Communist advice.

. . .

Official warnings have again been given to King about another, even
more important associate who is known to be a key figure in the covert apparatus of the Communist Party. After the warnings, King broke off his open connection with this man, but a second-hand connection none the less continues. . .28
(italics added)

So when Communist official Benjamin J. Davis--a violent--describes Dr. King as "a brilliant and great practical leader who articulates the
philosophy of the Negro people, for direct non-violent mass action"29--it should not be surprising.

When a Worker editorial praises him for giving "great inspirational leadership to the struggle of his people to bring down the wall of segregation and discrimination in the United States"; and describes him as "the foremost advocate of the solution of social problems through non-violent methods of mass action"30--that should not be surprising.

And it is not at all puzzling when the Rev. Dr. King says in a telegram to Jesse Gray, who is very violent and an associate of Malcolm X: "You have my absolute support in your righteous and courageous effort to expose the outrageous conditions that Negroes confront as a result of substandard housing conditions."31 (italics added)

You see, Dr. King feels that:

This determination of Negro Americans to win freedom from all forms of oppression springs from the same deep longing that motivates oppressed peoples all over the world. The rumblings of discontent in Asia and Africa are expressions of a quest for freedom and human dignity by people who have long been the victims of colonialism and imperialism. So in a real sense the racial crisis in America is a part of the larger world crisis.:32 (italics added)

That's why Dr. King's American Committee for Africa sponsored and financed the American tour of Communist Holden Roberto—a violent--leader of the Angolan "war of national liberation," which he began on the morning of March 15, 1961, with the killing and dismembering not only of a thousand whites but also of about eight thousand Africans.33

And that's probably also why, in October 1962, King turned up in a Harlem hotel suite with Communist bank bandit Ahmed Ben Bella--another violent--after which they joined in a statement that the two injustices of colonialism and American segregation were "linked."34

Dr. King does it, you see, because: "The Negro is shedding himself of fear, and my real worry is how we will keep this fearlessness from rising to violent proportions."35


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General Howley speaks of "a black girl on nine who had only just begun to open her eyes, after keeping them tightly shut since the horror struck her village. She had been forced to join in eating the flesh of her murdered mother. The shock had deprived her of speech and the ability to open her eyes."

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The So-Called Civil Rights Movement was a Bought-and-Paid-for Communist Front (Alan Stang)

[Next chapter: "The King of the Eskimos: Martin Luther King Jr.’s Communist Associates (Alan Stang)".]

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Excerpted from: It's Very Simple: The True Story of Civil Rights
By Alan Stang

Chapter Nine: Life Among the Eskimos

[I am] sick and tired of people saying this movement has been infiltrated by Communists and Communist sympathizers.

There are as many Communists in this freedom movement as there are Eskimos in Florida.1 ----The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

William Z. Foster and Gus Hall and other leading Communists have gone to great trouble to make clear not only that there is no
contradiction between the two tactics the Communists in Moscow have developed for use in the United States--"self-determination" and "civil
rights"--but that the two complement and reinforce each other and are in essence one and the same:

Let me sum up on this general point [says Foster], that is, the orientation of the Negro people is first, toward full participation and full equality in American life, and second, toward the development of their national consciousness. Comrade Ed Strong made a good contribution when he stressed the basic harmony between these two streams of courses of development . . .2

. . . Each influences the other [says Gus Hall] . . . Thus, the struggles for full equality of the Negro national minority and the
struggle for national liberation of the oppressed nation are very closely interlinked.3

In the North the slogan for equal rights will be the basic slogan [explains Communist official William L. Patterson]. A major feature of
the program in the North must be the struggle to destroy the ghetto. .
. We must smash the ghetto. The ghetto is tied to the South and to the issue of the right of self-determination.4 (Italics added)

How, one wonders?

". . . These are the people who are ready for revolution--any kind of revolution . . ." says Professor Lincoln about the Black
Muslims. "Furthermore, in the segregated Black Ghetto, the illusion of a 'Black Nation' within a surrounding and hostile 'white nation' takes on a semblance of reality . . ."5

So what is the nature of "the basic harmony between these two streams of courses of development," as Foster so clearly puts it?

The vast bulk of American Negroes merely aspire to precisely the same rights as other Americans [says C. L. Sulzberger] .
. . North American extremism is of real danger only if existing injustices are not rectified in time.

However, should there be no prompt reform, the United States could see hideous racial quarrels on a scale hitherto unimaginable.6

". . . On fund-raising missions to corporate boards, Whitney Young, Jr., executive director of the National Urban League, poses these
alternatives; invest in positive assistance--or risk hostility and growing strength for the Muslims . . ."7

In 1963 he made the same prediction.

"Unless we do something, the Negro in the future will no longer react with resignation but with bitterness and hostility."

And those are the ingredients of trouble. "We're liable to get some real violence--in Chicago, in Detroit, in New York," Young predicts
gloomily . . .8

So what should we do?

The white leadership must be honest enough to grant that throughout our history there has existed a special privileged
class of citizens who received preferred treatment. That class was white. Now we're saying this: if two men, one Negro and one white, are
equally qualified for a job, hire the Negro.9

"The fundamental policy of a Soviet Government with regard to the Negro generally would therefore be to creat even relatively greater
opportunities for advance and progress for the Negro than for the white. Special emphasis would be placed upon training more Negro
skilled workers . . . A Soviet Government must confer greater benefits upon the Negroes than upon the whites, for the Negroes have started
with less . . ."10

As long as we are not allowed to establish a state or territory of our own [says Mr. Muhammad] we demand not only
equal justice under the laws of the United States, but equal employment opportunities--NOW!

. . . The United States government should provide, free, all necessary text books and equipment, schools and college buildings . . .11

So what Mr. Muhammad wants is more and more civil rights, until he gets the "separation." In fact, once he gets the separation--from a government that has been grabbed by civil rights--".
. . We belive that our former slave masters are obliged to maintain and supply our needs in this separate territory for the next 20 to 25
years--until we are able to produce and supply our own needs."12

"Thirdly, there would be even greater aid from the Central Soviet Government of the United States. . ." The Negroes in a Soviet America

So it turns out that even Mr. Muhammad isn't completely opposed to civil rights. Muhammad Speaks for January 31, 1964, hails the CORE attempt to "integrate" the staff of the Jefferson Bank and Trust Company in St. Louis.14

And in an editorial in July, 1962, we read:

Muslims certainly have no opposition to the program and policies of the NAACP . . .

There is much to be admired in the heroic struggle waged by the NAACP since the days of its formation against incalculabe odds. Many
NAACP leaders, nationally and locally, are men and women of high intelligence and integrity.15

"If one can't gain objectives through mediation, if one can't gain objectives after a riot," explains the Rev. Milton Galamison, leader of the New York school boycott, "then all these things may become a Sunday school picnic by comparison to what people are going to do in order to get their grievances remedied."16

And so the point is, as Professor Lincoln suggests, that "Muslim extremism may even rebound and actively assist the forces of
integration. It may, for example, force a white reappraisal of other protest organizations, such as the NAACP which are now widely resisted
as 'too pushy' or 'radical.' . . ."17

Let's sum up: There are in the United States two kinds of "Negro Leaders": the violents, and the "nonviolents." The violents want to
destroy the Unted States and set up their own nation on part of it. All the nonviolents want is integration.

Americans of all colors are going to get one or the other, they are told, so they'd better take the integration. If they don't, they'll get the self-determination, and that's bound to be unpleasant. In other words, if the violents make a riot, and the nonviolent Rev. Galamison doesn't get what he wants, the violents will probably make a bigger riot.

If you wanted to define in one word you'd pick the word "extortion."

What is important to observe is that the two strategies advance like legs on the same man. Left to themselves, the violents would
probably fall on their collective face just because they are
violent, and it's therefor easier to tell what they are actually all about. And the nonviolents would collapse because they would lack the
violence to back threats. But notice that when you put the two together, they both get progressively violent, or less and less
nonviolent--but the nonviolents in comparison always look like moderates.

Roy Wilkins begins to sound like President McKinley, because a Malcom X sounds like Attila the Hun.

And Jesse Gray begins to sound like Malcolm X.

On June 28, two weeks before he arrived in Cairo to attend that meeting of the Organization for African Unity, Malcolm formed a
revolutionary group called the Organization of Afro-American Unity, with himself as chairman. As members of the OAAU braintrust, Malcolm
named Rev. Albert Cleage, leader of the Michigan Freedom Now party; Gloria Richardson, leader of the Freedom Now movement in Cambridge,
Maryland; Lawrence Landry, Chicago school boycott leader; John Lewis, head of the Student Nonviolent Cooridinating Committee; and Jesse
Gray--all practicing non-violents.18

As we have seen, Malcolm X has become the leading symbol of the violents.

And the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has become the leading symbol of the non-violents.

In fact, we are told, the Rev. Dr. King is the only man who can save us from Malcolm X.

And so the question arises: What was the relationship, if any, between Malcolm and the Rev. Dr. King?

What sort of person is the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?

In November of 1938 the Communist party formed an organization called the Southern Conference for Human Welfare.19
Rob Hall, then secretary of the Alabama Communist party, tells how "our comrades . . . naturally watched the conference preparations closely and helped wherever possible."20

SCHW was what is known as a Communist front. Early in their movement, the Communists came boldly out as Communists--possibly
because they assumed that other people couldn't wait to join up. But it turned out that other people were not interested. In fact, it turned out that most people by far of every race and country are thoroughly decent and want no part of criminal communism. As Political Affairs said:

To the extent that we aroused enthusiasm among the Negro people, it was largely in spite of, not because of our
over-simplified presentation of the right of self-determination. Anyone who has worked in the South must realize that our presentation of this right for the most part had only the effect of puzzling and confusing the Negro people who followed our movement. They generally listened politely to our exposition of this right, but treated it as some strange idiosyncrasy to which we were addicted, but which could be forgiven in friends. The most damning thing of all was that those Negroes who took the trouble to ascertain exactly what we were driving
at generally voiced very decided opposition.21

So the Communists realized, as Jesse Gray reportedly remarked, that in order to put people to use, they would have to develop some sort of trick.

Consequently, they developed the strategy of the Communist "front." The front is operated in two ways: either the Communists infiltrate an organization, work inside it (in Communist language, "bore from within"), and eventually capture it; or they form their own organization--and simply invite the gullible in. In either case, many unsuspecting Americans wind up working to further some specific Communist objective.

"Comrades, you remember the ancient tale of the capture of Troy. Troy was inacessible to the armies attacking her, thanks to her
impregnable walls. And the attacking army, after suffering many sacrifices, was unable to achieve victory until with the aid of the
famous Trojan horse it managed to penetrate the very heart of the enemy's camp.

"We revolutionary workers, it appears to me, should not be shy about using the same tactics with regard to our fascist foe . .

But what is essential, in either case, is that since the overwhelming majority of people of any kind are thoroughly decent, the
front must not only avoid mentioning, but actively deny, that it has anything at all to do with communism.

Once the secret gets out, the Communist front has lost its value--because most people are decent.

"Everything should be done to bring wide masses of Negroes into these partial struggles. This is important--and not to carry the
various partial demands to such an ultra-radical point that the mass of working Negroes are no longer able to recognize them as their own.
Without a real mobilization of the mass-movements . . . even the best Communist partial demands get hung up . . ."23

In other words, keep the Negroes under the impression that the campaign has something to do with what they want, when all along it has only to do with communism.

But comrades let remarks slip. In speaking of the Southern Conference for Human Welfare and other southern fronts, Communist James
W. Ford boated in an article entitled "The Struggle for the Building of the Modern Liberation Movement of the Negro People," that "the
Communists, through their pioneering work in the South, may justly claim to have laid the foundation for these great social movements."24

So the secret was out:

Careful examination of its official publication and its activities will disclose that the conference is being used in devious ways to further basic Soviet and Communist policy. Decisive and key posts are in most instances controlled by persons whose record is faithful to the line of the Communist Party and the Soviet Union.25

The Southern Conference for Human Welfare was conceived, financed, and set up by the Communist Party in 1938 as a mass organization to
promote communism throughout the Southern States.26

And so the Communists abolished the Southern Conference for Human Welfare.

Immediately thereafter, there appeared on the scene an organization known as the Southern Conference Educational Fund. The
Southern Conference Educational Fund's business address was 822 Perdido Street in New Orleans.27 The Southern Conference for Human Welfare's business address had been 822 Perdido Street in New Orleans.
The Southern Conference Educational Fund published--and continues to publish--a paper called the Southern Patriot. The paper published by the Southern Conference for Human Welfare had been called the Southern Patriot. Both organizations used the same telephone, and both had generally the same officers.

SCHW and SCEF, in short, are the same organization. Nothing has changed but the last two letters.

Who, exactly is running SCHW-EF?

Mr. Carl Braden of Louisville, Kentucky, who serves as field director of SCEF, has been named under oath as a member of the
Communist party.28 Mrs. Anne Braden, also of Louisville, Kentucky, and editor of the Southern Patriot, has also been named under oath as a member of the Communist party: ". . . Alberta Ahearn . . . swore, both in Court and later before the Senate
Internal Security Subcommittee that Carl and Anne Braden had recruited her into the Communist Party, and that she knew them as Communist Party members."29

Mr. Braden is a former convict. While in Louisville, he was convicted of a felony--a matter involving some dynamite. And Mrs.
Braden was indicted for sedition.30 It seems she doesn't like our form of government.

Carl Braden is also listed on its letterhead as one of the "national sponsors" of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee--which
sponsored member Lee Harvey Oswald, the "lone fanatic"--and which is a Communist front. Braden was one of the main speakers at the FPCC dinner in New York on April 28, 1961.31

Benjamin E. Smith and his law partner, Bruce Waltzer, take part in the "overall management" of SCEF.32 Both are under indictment "for multiple violations of the Lousiana Subversive Activities and Communist Control Act."33

At a closed meeting of the Southern Conference Educational Fund on February 3, 1964, at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York, Benjamin Smith, Treasurer of the Southern Conference Educational Fund, stated: "Come June, armies will take the field," "These armies are coming to strike. The Southern Conference Educational Fund is one of those armies." "The Southern Conference Educational Fund occupies a unique place in the South, it furnishes a staff organization supervising others." "There will be strikes, sitdowns, movements, we must play our part." . . . "Revolution is on its way."34

Mr. Aubrey Williams was president of the SCEF until 1963, when he became so busy as chairman of the National Committee to Abolish
HUAC--which is a Communist front--that he decided to make himself president emeritus. As director of the National Youth Administration
under President Roosevelt, Mr. Williams was Lyndon Johnson's boss. He also held other important jobs in the New Deal. ". . . In 1945,
however, the U.S. Senate rejected his appointment as administrator of the Rural Electrification Administration, after his affiliations with
the Communist apparatus ahd been placed in the record . . ."35

On March 19, 1954, Mr. Williams testified before the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee that he had made the following statement
in a speech in New York on September 11, 1947: ". . . It is my belief that it is precisely at this point that we take our stand and defend the right of any Communist to maintain his position as an employee of the Government of the United States . . ."36 (italics added)

Aubrey Williams in April of 1954 at Hearings held in New Orleans by the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, was identified as a Communist Party member by one witness who had been in the Party, and was identified by another witness at the same time as
one who had accepted Communist Party discipline . . .37

Yet, note this carefully: President Johnson called on Aubrey Williams at his home just after the assassination of President Kennedy!

That's right. A man who has been authoritatively identified as a Communist agent, and whose goal therefore is the complete destruction of the United States, received a personal visit from the president of the United States.

The new president of the SCEF is the Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth. Fred Shuttlesworth "has been affiliated with several communist-front
organizations,"38 and is a former convict.39

The next document is a letter dated September 21, 1960, from Carl Braden to James A. Dombrowski. It shows that the Rev. Fred L. Shuttleworth, ex-convict leader of the "Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights" . . . was using the Bradens to write his news releases, obviously because the Bradens were, and are, highly skilled professional propagandists . . . We offer the letter.40

Dr. James A. Dombrowski was executive director of SCHW. Dr. James A. Dombrowski is executive director of SCEF.

At the SISS Hearings in March of 1954, John Butler, former Alabama Communist party official, testified that in July, 1942, he
attended a meeting of Communist party leaders in the Thomas Jefferson Hotel, in Birmingham, Alabama, at which Alton Lawrence introduced James A. Dombrowski as a member of the Communist party.41 Butler said this meeting of Communist party leaders was held in Dombrowski's own hotel room.

It seems that Dr. Dombrowski has many friends. In 1932, along with a man named Myles Horton, he was running an outfit called
Commonwealth College in Mena, Arkansas. Commonwealth College was controlled by the People's Institute of Applied Religion, which had
been organized by the Communist party.42 The idea behind the college was that since communism in the South couldn't beat religion, the Communists would use religion by, among other things, comparing texts taken from the New Testament and Karl Marx.

But the college--run by Dombrowski and Horton--was convicted under the laws of Arkansas of displaying the hammer and sickle and
openly teaching communism,43 whereupon Arkansas levied a fine of $2,500.00. The college couldn't come up with the cash, so the
state took over the property, sold it at public auction and used the money to cover the costs.

A detailed Communist plot to use the college as a chief instrument for Communist propaganda in the South is outlined in a secret report on communism which was reprinted by the House Committee on Un-American Activites.44 And on April 27, 1949, the U.S. attorney general cited Commonwealth as a Communist front.45

Commonwealth College lived on, however, for the faculty moved to the town of Monteagle, Tennessee, where, with the assistance of a man named Don West, they organized the Highlander Folk School.46

Don West was district director of the Communist party of North Carolina.47 It was probably all right, though, because Aubrey Williams, President Johnson's friend, was also involved.48

Of course the Highlander Folk School was tax-exempt. A school leaflet advertising the 1949 winter term claims that the "purpose of
Highlander Fold School is to promote the progressive labor movement in the South." Among the courses announced in the same leaflet is one in union problems that "deals with definite problems of the students as Labor Board procedure, education in unions, race relations are some of the things discussed . . ."49

" . . . It is necessary . . . to go the whole length of any sacrifice, if need be, to resort to strategy and adroitness, illegal
proceedings, reticence and subterfuge, to anything in order to penetrate into the Trade Unions, remain in them, and carry on Communist
work inside them, at any cost . . ."50
V. I. Lenin

What the school was actually doing was teaching the superiority of the Soviet form of government and advocating revolution to bring it about in the United States, and recruiting young students into the Young Communist League:

. . . I have seen these YCL cards in the possession of Ralph Tuffytaller, Myles Horton, James Dombrowski, and Bill Marlowe and have heard them all talk in favor of the Young Communists League. I have also heard all of the above mentioned people speak in favor of the Russian form of Government. I have heard Myles Horton and James Dombrowski make the following remarks ("Only a revolution will bring
about a change from our present form of Government to the Russian form of Government"). I have heard them make this remark on several
occasions and they would be in the Highlander Folk School building.

I have also heard Myles Horton talk about the Commonwealth College with reference to the friendly relatins between Highlander Folk School and this Commonwealth College. I also know that several students from Commonwealth College have visited the Highlander Folk School from time to time.51

And this disturbed the authorities of the American state of Tennessee. So in 1960, through court action, they suucceeded in closing
the organization known as the Highlander Folk School at Monteagle.

On August 30, 1961, an organization called the Highlander
Research and Education Center, of Knoxville, Tennessee, was incorporated, and immediately received tax-exempt status from the U.S.
government, since the Internal Revenue Service had declared Highlander "a recognized educational institution with government approval."

The director of this new organization turns out to be Myles Horton. In a form letter dated May 15, 1963, Mr. Horton explained that:
". . . In the words of board of directors chairman, Dr. B. R. Brazeal, 'The Highlander idea, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, has truly been born again in the Highlander Center.'"

Also of interest is the career of the Rev. Andrew Young, as recorded in the Atlanta Constitution:

The administrator of the Dorchester Center in nearby Liberty County played a leading role in the desegregation activities of the Chatham County Crusade for Voters.

The administrator, the Reverend Andrew Young . . . received training at the old Highlander Folk School at Monteagle, Tenn.

Before its charter at Monteagle was revoked, the Highlander School received support from the International Union of Mine, Mill
& Smelter Workers.

An officer of the union, now under indictment on a charge of filing a false non-Communist affidavit, was one of the directors of the Highlander School.

The Reverend Young has been headquartered rent-free in Savannah in the offices of the International Union of Mine, Mill & Smelter Workers. The Subversive Activities Control Board, an agency of the Federal Government, has found the union to be Communist infiltrated.
The Mine-Mill Union has appealed the finding to a Federal court of appeals."52

Then there is the interesting case of a gentleman who is sometimes known as Mr. Hunter Pitts O'Dell:

The Senate Internal Security Subcommittee declared today that "a smoothly coordinated" Communist underground was operating
in New Orleans as late as last spring [1956]. The panel made public in support of its finding the transcripts of hearings held in that city in April.

The subcommittee said that American Communists

sought to infiltrate labor unions, churches, farmer organizations, parent-teacher organizations, channels of public opinion, and other streams of influence in our society.

. . .

Much of the Senate panel's case was built up at New Orleans from material found by New Orleans policemen in the abandoned
apartment of one Hunter Pitts O'Dell. Mr. O'Dell had been identified in previous testimony as being the district organizer of the Communist
party in New Orleans.53

On April 12, 1956, identifying himself as Hunter Pitts O'Dell, a New Orleans waiter, he testified before the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee. He invoked the Fifth Amendment and refused to say whether he was a southern district organizer for the Communist Party.

Robert Morris, counsel for the subcommittee, said information had been received that O'Dell was, in fact, a district organizer for
the Communist Party in New Orleans; that O'Dell gave "directives to the professional group" in that city, and that he operated under three
different names--the two other names being John Vesey and Ben Jones.54

In 1958, when O'Dell was living in Montgomery, he again declined to answer questions about his Communist party activity.

In 1962, the House Committee on Un-American Activities published a two-volume study entitled Structure and Organization of the Communist Party of the United States.

On page 576, there is a list of those elected to the national committee of the Communist Party, U.S.A., as known to the committee in
November, 1961.

Among the names was that of Hunter Pitts O'Dell.

Mr. O'Dell apparently also found time to do some work for the Dorchester Center, near Savannah, Georgia, which is operated out of
Mine, Mill & Smelter by the Rev. Andrew Young, who is operated out of the Highlander School, of Monteagle, Tennessee.

The name of Bayard Rustin has long struck fear into the heart of every segregationist.

Mr. Rustin said that in 1938 or 1939 he had joined a Young Communist League group at City College in New York. But he
insisted that he, like many members of the youth group, never became a member of the Communist Party because the party was ultra-suspicious of young college students and had little confidence in their reliability.55

Mr. Rustin knows best of course, but the peculiar thing is that one of the major reasons for the existence of the YCL was to recruit young college students into the Communist party.

This record, based on FBI and police reports, is as follows:

As a student at the College of the City of New York in 1936, Rustin joined the Young Communist League and was active in its operations on the campus and elsewhere.

In World War II, he was arrested several times for making speeches advocating resistance to the conflict against Hitler and
Mussolini. As a professed conscientious objector, he served 26 months in the federal prisons at Ashland, KY., and Lewisburg, Pa.56 (italics added)

He says he resigned from the YCL in 1941.

. . . Rustin worked closely, often as an office holder, with: the War Resisters League, the World Peace Brigade, Liberation
magazine, the Medical Aid to Cuba Committee, the second General Strike for Peace, the Monroe (N.C.) Defense Committee, the Committee for
Non-Violent Action . . . the Greenwich Village Peace Center, and any number of other groups, ad hoc committees, petitions, etc., few of
which are arrestingly wholesome . . .57

". . . The Young Communist Leagues must strive in every way to unite the forces of all non-facist mass organizations of the youth,
including the formation of various kinds of common organizations for the struggle against fascism . . .

Mr. Rustin has also been active in a group called the American Forum for Socialist Education, which is Communist dominated.59

Early in 1957, he spoke at the City College of New York to some four hundred students:

The students . . . applauded heartily when Rustin appealed for a student campaign to ban the H-bomb.

Other speakers were Joseph Clark, foreign editor of the Daily Worker; Eric Haas, of the Socialist Labor Party . . . and Myra Tanner Weiss, of the Socialist Workers Party.

. . .

Rustin strongly supported the non-violence tactics of the Montgomery movement. He contrasted the democratic reforms in Poland with the
"retrogression to Stalinism in Hungary," and attributed the difference to the fact that in Poland the workers pursued non-violent tactics
while in Hungary they resorted to violence . . .60

Observe that Mr. Rustin believes that what happened in Poland was good--and somehow equates it with the Montgomery movement.

It is interesting to note that he was fresh from the sixteenth national convention of the Communist party of the United States, in
which he participated, in February 1957, as an official "non-Communist" observer. The observers observed in a signed statement

that the sessions of the convention were democratically conducted with vigorous discussion of all matters
brought to the floor. There were many indications that no individual or group was in a position to control the convention.

. . .

Finally, we wish to protest vigorously against the continuance by Senator Eastland's Senate Internal Security subcommittee of the
un-American practice of governmental inquisition into political opinions and activities, as instanced by the summons to Eugene Dennis
[a Communist official] to appear next Monday before the subcommittee ...61

In 1958, Mr. Rustin was one of five Americans who went to Russia under the sponsorship of a group known as the Nonviolent Action
Committee Against Nuclear Weapons.62

The January, 1963, issue of Fellowship reveals Mr. Rustin to be a "friend" of Kwame Nkrumah, the Communist dictator of Ghana. In the same issue Rustin is credited with having worked to establish a center for nonviolence at Dar es Salaam, Tanganyika, where, as we have seen, Communist troops are now in training.

In September of the year, he was in Richmond, Virginia, where he suggested "that more bloody Negro suffering should be encouraged so
that squeamish Northern Negroes woudl be horrified into line . . ."63

He was fresh from the march on Washington, which he conducted on August 28th, for the ostensible purpose of helping to pass the civil rights bill, the day after which he urge that the only hope for Negroes was to "go left."64

On February 3, 1964, Mr. Rustin successfully conducted the New York City school boycott.

On the next day, photographers recorded his departure from a cocktail party at the Russian mission to the United Nations.

"Rustin said his presence stemmed from his activites in the Committee for Non-Violent Action, a civil rights group, and his
pre-occupation with artistic freedom in Russia."65

"He has denied ever having been a member of the Communist Party . . ."


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Happy Robert E. Lee Day!


“One is a Christian gentleman, loyal to his country, who fought its government in the name of justice. The other is Martin Luther King.” [VDARE]

VDARE: “‘Time to Rethink Martin Luther King Day’–the 2017 Edition.”

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A Diminished Thing (The Holocaust)

By Nicholas Stix
December 20, 1996
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“Leichenträger zur Wache.” “Corpse carriers to the guardhouse,” recalls an Auschwitz survivor in Mother Night, the new film based on Kurt Vonnegut’s 1966 novel.

Despite a sterling cast, Mother Night passed by without fanfare, while Daniel Jonah Goldhagen’s book, Hitler’s Willing Executioners, is a bestseller. Repeating Christopher Browning’s tale of police battalions of ordinary Germans, young Goldhagen argues that Germany was a nation of Nazis.

Is this 1996 or 1946?

Mother Night’s fictional protagonist, Howard W. Campbell Jr. (Nick Nolte), is either a traitor or America’s greatest spy. A successful, American-born playwright raised in Germany, Campbell is unofficially recruited by American intelligence major John Goodman to spew Nazi venom on the radio. But unlike Tokyo Rose or Ezra Pound, Campbell works for us.

He and his German actress wife, Helga (Sheryl Lee), are romantics who feel allegiance only to their “Reich der Zwei,” a nation (really, empire) of two. But their “nation” cannot survive Nazism and total war. Kurt Vonnegut perfectly captures the extremes of the German psyche: The boundless romanticism that would die for love, and the spiritual “inner emigration” from a mad world, which one outwardly obeys.

Escaping prosecution at war’s end, Campbell loses himself in Greenwich Village. Following his discovery on a fluke, a series of strange visitors land on his doorstep: Old Nazis; the “black Fuehrer of Harlem”; paunchy veterans seeking revenge; his beloved Helga, long-believed dead; and Soviet and Israeli agents.

During The War, Vonnegut was one of our fly boys who firebombed Dresden. Later, he sought to make sense of the madness through surrealism, yet without abandoning his humanity, unlike today’s bloodless “postmodernist” writers. Like George Orwell’s 1984, Mother Night depicts a last lunge at love in a world in which gestures have lost all meaning. Sheryl Lee (with a perfect German accent) is heartbreaking, as the embodiment of boundless love.

Conversely, Hitler’s Willing Executioners is a shrill, polemical shout by a man who knows the words, but not the music. No heartbreak here. Goldhagen insists that Nazism was the German spirit’s truest expression. But the Russians and Poles were more virulent anti-Semites. And a real historian would know that under opportune circumstances, “upstanding” citizens will denounce their neighbors, steal their property, even kill them en masse.

But then, unlike Vonnegut, tin man Goldhagen had no interest in plumbing the depths of the German (gentile or Jewish) soul.

A “professional Jew” and Harvard professor, Goldhagen cultivates victimhood the way so many black writers do. Thus, the explosion of so many intellectually corrupt Judaic and Holocaustr (and black) studies programs, whose proponents never noticed the passing of “a time when gestures had meaning.”

During five years spent in West Germany, I saw Jews born after the war, Henryk Broder and Leah Fleischmann, make fortunes off books proclaiming the Germans’ vileness. Professional Jews seem unconcerned that the Nazis slaughtered not six million, but twelve million civilians, split evenly between Jews and gentiles. That’s minority politics for you.

That Goldhagen’s largely unread tome should be a bestseller, following the success of Schindler’s List, tells me that people are holding fast to the Holocaust.

But insight into horror is not to be had through such crude means. The most powerful works were more indirect, more delicate, e.g., Stanley Kramer’s film, Judgment at Nuremberg; Paul Mazursky’s film of Isaac Bashevis Singer’s novel, Enemies; and death camp survivor Paul Celan’s poem, “Todesfuge.” Or they turned them into cartoons, as Art Spiegelman did in Maus.

Those who would tell the epic of the 20th century must be up to the task. Fifty years later, few are, and fewer care. As with slavery, you cannot use the sufferings of the fathers as a weapon to secure privileges for the grand- and great-grandsons.

Postscript, Sunday, January 15, 2017: An orthodox rabbi from Far Rockaway, Queens, where Straight Talk was based, responded to this column with a letter to the editor, denouncing me as a rabid anti-Semite. The publisher immediately stopped running my columns, without explanation. Since she wasn’t paying me, anyway, this did not hurt me in the wallet, but cost me a very modest audience. Her weekly didn’t survive much longer, anyway, which might have had something to do with other people besides me discovering that her delivery man was dumping much of each week’s run in the garbage.

A Day in the Life of Whites in Jacksonville: BOW Crime Wave (Colin Flaherty Video)

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Black-on-White Crime Wave, Same Day, Jacksonville


Posted by Colin Flaherty YouTube Channel on January 14, 2017.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Rally of Foreign Criminals in Chicago to Trump: We're Here to Stay!


Most of the haters in the audience don't even know what "No to hate" means

By Reader-Researcher RC

Chicago immigration rally has message for Trump: We're ...

Hundreds rally on Chicago's Near West Side to protest hard-line immigration stances of President-elect Donald Trump six days before his inauguration....

N.S.: Trump has no hard-line immigration "stances" [sic]. He has implied that he'll amnesty all foreign criminals who are not guilty of heinous, violent crimes. But cowards love to pretend that they are heroes.

During the NFL Playoff Game between the New England Patriots and the Houston Texans, CBS Sports’ Jim Nantz Twice Provides Viewers with a Racial Non Sequitur

By Nicholas Stix

In the first quarter, the Pats’ Dion Lewis ran back a kickoff for a 98-yard touchdown, to give the Pats an 11-point lead (14-3) over the Texans. (Lewis had previously caught a screen pass from Tom Brady, and run it in from 13 yards, for the Patriots’ first score.)

Immediately after Lewis’ kickoff, sideline reporter Traci Wolfson said that the Texans “had to hold back Jadeveon Clowney,” who could be seen raging.

When you hold someone back, you’re holding him back from getting to someone—a teammate who blew a tackle (which happened on Lewis’ kickoff return) or a coverage, a referee, etc. If Clowney had assaulted someone on or off the field, it would have cost his team a major penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct (15 yards), and might have resulted in his getting tossed out of the game.

Veteran CBS Sports game announcer Jim Nantz responded that Clowney was “trying to exercise some leadership ability on the sidelines.”


The better part of an hour later (9:40 p.m.), Nantz repeated his non sequitur:

“I wouldn’t say it was frustration—leadership…”

Doing something boneheaded that could cost your team a game is the sort of thing one expects from a rookie, or a perennial hothead. The last thing it embodies is “leadership.”

But Jadeveon Clowney is black, and so logic and morality must go out the window. In 2006, when retired white NFL star wide receiver, who was by then an NFL announcer Chris Collinsworth appeared on Bob Costas’ HBO show, he
stuttered and stammered as he tried to say that he is so nervous about touching professionally on race in any way, because it could instantly end his announcing career, that he is afraid to ask any race-related questions.
Jim Nantz is also white, and has been an NFL announcer for many years longer than Collinsworth. He knows the score.

Addendum: Before posting this item, I checked to see how long Nantz has been a sports announcer. I didn’t get that bit of information (roughly 30 years), but instead learned this: Last September, he made a very restrained criticism of black supremacist NFL player Colin Kaepernick and his allies, who have been kneeling during the national anthem, in “protest” against non-existent racial oppression against blacks. Some racist media operatives called it a “hot mic” incident, and sought to destroy Nantz, who may or may not have known that the mic was on.
“‘They’re going to keep kneeling,’ a voice that sounds very like Nantz is heard saying, ‘as long as we keep putting cameras in their face.’”
Thus, the one time Nantz showed some character, racist media operatives sought to end his career. Hence, he had an extra incentive to enter Non Sequitur world tonight.
The Pats won, 34-16.