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There’s Lies, Damned Lies, and Diversity!

I use this blog, among other things, to chronicle the mendaciousness and evil of so-called diversity.

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Nicholas Stix

Rape U. News: Yet Another Baylor Football Player with Strange Apostrophes in His Name is Arrested on a Rape Charge


Tre'Von Armstead

By A Texas Reader

Former Baylor Tight End Tre'Von Armstead arrested on sexual assault warrant

Former Baylor Tight End Tre'Von Armstead was arrested on a sexual assault warrant.

Armstead is also at the center of a civil lawsuit filed in January. In the court documents, an unidentified woman claimed Armstead and another former player, Shamycheal "Myke" Chatman, raped her in 2013. The lawsuit, which alleges a total of 52 rapes by ...

Anne Frank/Queer Thug Steven Goldstein Must Stop Speaking on Behalf of the Jewish People, and Must Immediately Apologize to Tim Allen and President Trump!


Tim Allen

Steven Goldstein

At the Washington Times.

Tennessee University Student, Tristan Rettke, Who Committed No Crime, is Indicted by Grand Jury. Charge: Engaging in Protected Symbolic Speech While White



By Reader-Researcher RC

At the Washington Times.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Doing the Job that Americans Won't Do: Hispanic Woman Naturally Responds to Not being Invited to Death Vigil, by Firing into Crowd; Mourners Respond by Disarming and Pistol Whipping Her


Margaret Ruiz mug shot

At the San Antonio Express-News.

N.S.: If a white had disarmed and pistol-whipped her, you can be sure that he would be in jail, and she would be treated like a crime victim.

Workplace Feud? Couldn't Find Another Job? Man Indicted for Allegedly Killing Three Co-Workers Inside Restaurant in Prince George's County

By Prince George's County Ex-Pat


New Study Shows that Racial Socialism is Deadly for Whites

By Nicholas Stix

I’ve been talking about aspects of what I believe has contributed to this situation for years: More and more businesses and agencies have for over 25 years had a no-white-men-need-apply policy.

Circa 1990, I applied for a job as a drug counselor. There was a group interview situation, and at one point the Hispanic guy running things said that because I was white, he would never consider hiring me—in front of everyone, with no fear.

Walk up the Ladies Shopping Mile on Manhattan’s Sixth Avenue, between 14th and 34th Streets. You may see some white men running stores—during the late 1990s, a Jew named Brian ran the Toys ‘R Us on 34th and Sixth, but during the 1990s, you would typically find no white men (and few white women) workers in those stores, unless he counted as disabled. Thus, there was a tall, pale, young, blond-haired white man sometimes cleaning the floor at the Barnes & Noble superstore on Sixth Avenue, between 22nd and 23rd streets—with a gigantic hearing aid riding atop each ear.

So, if you’re an unemployable, working-class white man, what are you gonna do? You have nothing to live for, and you’re going to end up homeless.

“Death Rates Rise for Wide Swath of Adults,” at the Wall Street Journal, which of course does not offer my explanation.

April 20

April 20 is most notorious as Hitler’s birthday. However, it’s also the day, in 1972, in which white NYPD patrolman Phillip Cardillo died from gunshot wounds inflicted on him with his own weapon, by a Nation of Islam assassin six days earlier.

I have worked for over 12 years, to shine a light on the 90-odd murders of whites by this black supremacist, domestic terrorist group.

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Nicholas Stix

Seven Blacks Seized in 'Zebra' Murders

[Of related interest, at WEJB/NSU:

“The Nation of Islam’s Blood Brothers 1963-1964 Serial Killings of Whites in Harlem (Alan Stang)”;

“The Zebra Murders: The First Victims?”;

“Lest We Forget: Remembering the Zebra Victims”;

“Domestic Terrorism: The Nation of Islam and the Zebra Murders”;

“The Nation of Islam's Sacramento Murders”;

“The Nation of Islam's Sacramento Murders, Part II”;

“The Nation of Islam's Sacramento Murders, Part III”;

“Larry Pratt: Picture of a Genocidal Racist and Future Murderer”;

“Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam Mosque Ambush Murder of White NYPD Cop Philip Cardillo is in the News Again, as Racist Black CB 10 Chairwoman”;

“The Oklahoma City Nation of Islam Murders.”]

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Thanks to my friend, legman, and partner-in-crime, David in TN, for this article!

This is a classic, 1974 New York Times article on the first arrests in the 1973-1974 Nation of Islam serial and spree murders of whites in San Francisco.

The article appears to be poorly edited, but its typos and other grammatical errors are likely all due to scanning.

Other errors are political in nature, e.g., Mayor Alioto’s denial that the Death Angels were members of the Nation of Islam. The Mayor knew better.

The “midwestern city” mentioned was Chicago, or as the NOI called it, “New Mecca.”

I have a strong hunch, as to who the “man who lives in a midwestern city” is, but I can’t prove it, and he’s still alive. My hunch is based on his being the one man who had motive, means, and opportunity to order the murders.

Back in 2006, one of the members of the SFPD’s Zebra Task Force told me that the murders and burglaries were all run through the local mosque.

I see that once I started publishing a series of reports on the Nation of Islam murders, other men followed in my footsteps, but most of them failed to give attribution. The usual.

Zebra killer J.C. Simon, aka J.C.X. Simon, died in his jail cell at San Quentin Prison on March 12, 2015, of unknown causes.

| 1974

Seven Blacks Seized in 'Zebra' Murders

MAY 2, 1974
New York Times

[Coded, online, NYT summary: data-title="Seven Blacks Seized in 'Zebra' Murders" data-author="By WALLACE TURNER Special to The New York Times" data-media="" data-description="7 black men arrested on May 1 in San Francisco Zebra killings; Mayor Alioto says group called 'Death Angels' is behind killings in city and perhaps more than 80 murders in state, although Atty Gen Evelle J Younger disputes statement; suspects identified as J C Simon, Larry D Green, Manuel Moorer, Douglas Burton, Tom Manney, Clarence Jamerson and Dwight Stallings; Green, Morrer and Jamerson said to be Black Muslims; Alioto says that Death Angels is believed to be directed by man in midwestern city, who grants promotions to members on basis of criminal acts performed; says recruitment is done in prison; insists that no evidence ties group to Black Muslims; illus (L)" data-publish-date="May 2, 1974" data-share-tools-initialized="1">]

SAN FRANCISCO, May 1—Seven black men were arrested by the police here early today on murder charges, and within hours Mayor Joseph L. Alioto said “I am satisfied that we have the men” who committed 12 apparently motiveless slayings of whites in five months.

Seven Blacks Seized in ‘Zebra’ Murders

The Mayor also said that a statewide—perhaps nationwide —“vicious ring of murderers called ‘Death Angels'” was behind the killings here and perhaps more than 80 similar killings through the state. The 12 murders here have been nicknamed tor the radio channel used by police investigators —“Z” for zebra.

No other law enforcement agency here, including the San Francisco Police Department, was willing to support the Mayor's statements about the Death Angel murder ring.

[Publicly, maybe not, but Mayor Alioto got his information from the very law enforcement organizations which reportedly refused to publicly support him!]

Attorney General Evelie J. Younger, opening a news conference to say he was well aware of the “pitfalls of any careless comments,” said it was for Mr. Alioto to decide “whether his comments are wise or unwise.”

[These attacks on an elected official for telling the truth sound awfully familiar!]

“We have no evidence to indicate that those responsible for the Zebra killings in San Franscisco committed murders outside the bay area,” Mr. Younger said.

[AG Younger, a Republican, was lying through his teeth. Not only had state law enforcement determined that the murders were being committed up and down the state, and East Bay police and media had reported on over 30 such additional murders, but a member of the Zebra Task force, whom I interviewed in 2006, recounted getting a memo from the FBI, stating that the NOI was murdering whites on both coasts. Note, too, the NOI’s racist murders of whites in Oklahoma City, during the same period.]

Charles Bates, special agent in charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation office here, said he had never heard of the Death Angels and added, “I know of nothing now that puts this matter in the F.B.I.'s jurisdiction.”

[Another liar is heard from.]

Both Mr. Younger and Mr. Alioto denied any political partisanship in their statements. Mr. Younger is a Republican running for a second tern; Mayor Alioto in recent polls has been shown to be running third in his quest for the Democratic nomination for Governor.

Early Morning Raids

Six of the arrests were made between 5 and 8:15 A.M. in coordinated raids involving more than 100 San Francisco policemen. The seventh arrest was made soon after.

The police gave minimal information about the prisoners. Lineups were planned for witnesses to the murders, officials said.

Reporters were able to establish from state prison officials that two of the men had been Black Muslims [the vernacular phrase for the Nation of Islam] while in prison. Other sources identified a third man as a Black Muslim.

A spokesman for the religious group reacted angrily to the Mayor's statements. The spokesman said that the church would defend its members unless “we find they are guilty and we will not support them.”

[He lied. The criterion for defending fellow NOI members was that they never confess to any crimes against “the white man’s law.” The only Black Muslim they didn’t defend was Jesse Lee Cooks, because he confessed.]

The seven arrested, and charges against them were as follows:

J. C. Simon, 29, charged with two counts of murder and single counts of conspiracy to commit murder, assault with a deadly weapon “and robbery. The police said the robbery charge grew out of a holdup of a grocery store a few blocks from City Hall on Nov. 25, 1973, where Saleen Erakat, a grocer, was killed. This was the first Zebra slaying.

[The first Zebra killings were committed no later than Friday, August 3-Saturday, August 4, 1973. The victims were Stephen M. Conachy, 21, and Joseph M. Villaroman, 17, repectively.]

Larry D. Green, one count each of, murder, conspiracy to commit murder, kidnapping and robbery and two counts of assault with deadly weapon. He was said to bea truck driver and a Black Muslim.

Manuel Moorer, 29, murder and conspiracy to commit murder. He was on parole, and while in San Quentin prison was a Black Muslim, officials said.

Douglas Burton, 22, Clarence Jamerson, 27, Dwight Stallings, 23, and Tom Manney, 31, all charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

[Burton, Jamerson, Stallings and Manney would all soon be released, based on an alleged “lack of evidence,” even though several of the murders were carried out using Manney’s car. Manney was the manager of the NOI-owned, Black Self-Help Moving and Storage, where three of the eventually convicted killers worked, at the time of the murders. Jamerson and Stallings are long since dead, Stallings by murder. Zebra author Clark Howard referred to one suspect by the pseudonym “Jasper Childs.” Since I can account for the three others who were released, by the process of elimination, I’m left with Douglas Burton, aka Edgar D. Burton. The reader can easily figure out why Howard would single one man out for special treatment.

Manney long ago changed his name to a Moslem one, but I don’t know what it is, and have no idea if he’s still alive, and if he is, where he is.]

Mr. Jimerson, who served a year in prison for receiving stolen property, was a black Muslim during his term, officials said.

No Details on Arrests

The police said that Mr. Manney, while a student at St. Ignatius High School here, was an all‐city fullback in 1959. He was said to have been a varsity halfback at San Francisco State College from 1961 to 1963 and to have been drafted in 1963 by the professional Pittsburgh Steelers but never to have played. He did not graduate from college although he returned to study there in the autumn of 1968, school employes said.

The police would not say where the men were arrested and except for identifying the grocery holdup with one charge against Mr. Simon, they would not tie any of the men to any specific criminal act.

The police would give no information on what leads caused them to make the seven arrests, but Mayor Alioto said at a news conference that the arrests had come after investigations that corroborated the story of a witness interviewed by the Mayor and the police last Saturday morning in the Mayor's office.

In a long prepared statement and in reply to questions the Mayor said that he believed the Death Angels to be directed by a man who lives in a midwestern city. Mr. Alioto said he did not know the man's mame and he would not identify the city.

“We don't know his name,” Mr. Alioto said, “All we know is that certain trips are made to a certain city outside of California to determine if certain people are entitled to certain promotions.”

The Mayor said he believed the Death Angels organization had titles and offices to which advancement, was awarded on the basis of criminal acts performed. He said recruitment was done in prison.

He insisted repeatedly that no, evidence existed to tie the group to the Black Muslims: In his statement he said it “is based on muddled aberrations clearly outside the mainstream of Islamic religion.” In answers to questions he made an analogy between that relationship and the relationship between members of the Southern Septist Church and the Ku Klux Klan.

John Muhammad, minister of Temple 26 in San Francisco, said at a 10‐minute news conference where questions were not taken that he thought Mayor Alioto was clever “but at the same time he left some doors open that maybe some of the murders, were committed by the followers of the Honorable Elijah‐Muhammad (national leader of the church) but we don't even carry a penknife and this the Federal Government knows.”

Mr. Muhammad said the Mayor wanted defendants charged “because he wanted his office to look good.” He accused the Mayor of “already convicting the men.” He insisted that Muslims “do not take part in any random shootings.”

“I don't think the Death Angels is a religious organization, even though some of its members may be connected with the Muslim church,” Mr. Alioto said at his news conference.

“The local group is a division of a larger organization dedicated to the murder and mutilation of whites and dissident blacks,” he said in his prepared statement. “The pattern of killing is by random street shooting or hacking to death with machete, cleaver or knife. Decapitation and other forms of mayhem bring special credit from the organization for the killers. Hitchhikers are a particular prey.”

Mr. Alioto issued a list of 73 names of murder victims from several parts of this state, but he said that he suspected there were more than 80 murders committed by Death Angels and that some would never be, known. He mentioned that many suspicious disappearances had been reported to policemen in several California cities.

Islam News: Dozens of Armed Police Swoop on Address in Birmingham “Where Car Used in London Terror Attacks was Rented from,” Shutting Down Part of the City for Two Hours

By Reader-Researcher RC

Wed, Mar 22, 2017 11:19 p.m.

Dozens of armed police swoop on address in Birmingham ‘where car used in London terror attacks was rented from’

"Sick and depraved" Theresa May condemns Westminster attacks

Armed police have been involved in a raid at a hotel in Birmingham this evening, closing off part of the city for more than two hours.

Wisconsin: Spree Killer Slaughters Four, Including One Policeman, Across Three Crime Scenes in as Many Towns

By Reader-Researcher RC

At RT.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

"They Kept Shooting": Father of 6-Year-Old Boy Killed by Cops Speaks Out for First Time

By Reader-Researcher RC

Wed, Mar 22, 2017 7:41 p.m.

Cops on trial are black.

The Black Plague and Diversity in Grand Rapids: A Cautionary Tale

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at 6:31:00 P.M. EDT

Brief history from a lifelong resident of Grand Rapids. I write these reports as a warning for other cities. Avoid what we've done—and continue to do—if you want to keep your city prosperous and safe.

Half a century ago, there were blacks, mostly confined to the southeast portion of the city. Even then, in the 1960s and ‘70s, the numbers were below 10%. In the riots of 1967-68, the blacks stayed in their part of town and burned that particular area, never crossing the Grand River to attack the white side of town (the West Side).

Fast forward to the year 2000, and some of the multi-year homeowners of the West side began to die off. The children of these mostly Dutch and Polish residents decided to sell the houses to landlord types. Basically, the kids were living in the suburbs and had no interest in their parents’ homes-only the equity. During this period, the two recessions of 2000 and 2008 also contributed to the problem, by causing a lack of demand for these houses.

[Note that the 2008 recession was itself a diversity depression, caused when President George W. Bush pressured mortgage lenders to give “free” mortgages to black and Hispanic deadbeats.]

Enter Section 8.

Landlords started letting blacks and Mexicans in on state-(read: taxpayer)-paid rent. In my area, 8-10 years ago, a school was opened by city officials, in a completely premeditated plan to lure blacks from the other side of town. The plan was to fill this school with minorities, and move them from the longtime black part of Grand Rapids into the increasingly empty houses of the West Side. This fed on itself. The more the blacks came in, the more the whites moved out.

Presently, the city officials have decided to embrace and speed up the racial takeover, by approving a multi-story apartment building in the heart of the West Side—all for low-income blacks. [“Affordable housing” for colored criminals.] Another abandoned school, a few blocks away, is also being converted to black housing.

Obama pushing for minority housing in white neighborhoods was also a factor in this, but the City of Grand Rapids effed up by allowing the Black Plague to occur.

Holland, Michigan passed a law to limit the numbers of Section 8 tenants in houses. We should have done this, as well. The city tried to bandage over what was happening economically (small amount of white flight), by moving in black welfare types. They came all right, but not just from the black part of Grand Rapids. They came from all over... Saginaw, Flint, Detroit, and Benton Harbor. As Trump would've undoubtedly said, "We didn't get their best."

Essentially, what was needed was not a band-aid, but a tourniquet and then surgery: A plan to tear down abandoned, condemned and neglected houses, not refurbish them for blacks. White flight continued.

Much of the city housing has deteriorated into ghetto-quality condition. Peeling paint, uncut grass, old roofing and rotten porches (full of porch monkeys) are now the norm. Rotted sofas on the curb from evicted blacks are seen regularly. Certain areas, like my block, are an oasis in the desert cesspool.

The Mexicans came in to help in the demolition of the city, as well. At one time I had a black living on one side of my house, and a Mex on the other, both of whom could have been nominated for "Worst Neighbor of the Year."

I had them both evicted eventually, because of crime and filthy living conditions.

What was once 100% white citizenry on the West Side—with no crime—is now (it appears) 50% white, 30% black, and 20% Mexican.

Nicholas has stats of 20% black and 15% Mexican, but I'd presume to estimate those numbers are obsolete—since the last census. Needless to say, drug dealing, crime of all types and, yes, murder has jumped with the minority population increase.

The moral here is: What happened to Grand Rapids can happen to your town as well. Unless you don't allow it to.

—GR Anonymous

Confusion Reigns over Identity of London Terrorist

By Reader-Researcher RC

At Zero Hedge .

The King of Schenectady, and Yet Another Hate Crime Hoax: Man Claiming to be a Jew, Gets Caught Spray-Painting Swastikas on His Own House

By Reader-Researcher A.L.

At News10.

This is Not Your Father’s England: “Terrorist Incident” (British Police); At Least One Terrorist Has Attacked the House of Commons and Multiple Other Sites in London, Committing a Mass Stabbing; Armed Bobbies Have Shot Him Down Like the Dog that He is

By Reader-Researcher RC

Very little information so far forthcoming.

LONDON, March 22 (Reuters) - An assailant was shot outside the British parliament by armed police, the leader of the House of Commons said on Wednesday after loud bangs were heard and a Reuters photographer saw at least a dozen injured people on a...

Reuters - Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Fog of News: The Identity of an Alleged Heinous New York Criminal is Enough to Turn Murder into a “Tragic Accident,” and the Identity of the Victim is Enough to Make Calling for the Death Penalty Suddenly Acceptable Again; There is No Justice

By Nicholas Stix

Jose Gonzalez, 25, has been arrested and charged with murdering emergency medical technician (EMT) Yadira Arroyo, 44, last Thursday, but according to NY1 news reader Roma Torre, and whoever wrote her script Friday morning, it was just a “tragic accident.” If so, why has Gonzalez been charged with murder?

The initial story was that Gonzalez had climbed onto the back of the EMS ambulance that Arroyo was driving, accompanied by her female partner, Monique Williams, 31, were in, in the Bronx. Arroyo (it wasn’t clear if Williams also exited the vehicle) then got out of the vehicle to deal with the situation. Gonzalez then allegedly ran into the vehicle, to steal it. Arroyo and Williams sought to wrest the vehicle from Gonzalez, but instead, Arroyo was at some point behind the vehicle (presumably, Gonzalez drove forward a few feet, in order to get position). He then threw the vehicle into reverse, hit the gas, knocked down Arroyo, and drove over her—twice. He then crashed the ambulance into other cars, while trying to escape, and was arrested by numerous bystanders, who gave him a good beating.

(A more recent media version is that Gonzales entered the ambulance, while Arroyo and Williams were inside, and wrested control of it from them.)

This incident rises several questions, none of which you’ll hear posed by the MSM.

Why were two women working together in a violent area like the Bronx’ Soundview?

Why did Yadira Arroyo, an unarmed woman with 14 years of experience as an EMT, have so little common sense, as to try and handle a tall, male criminal, as opposed to staying in her ambulance, and calling for police assistance?

Why did a career criminal and alleged Bloods gang-banger, like Jose Gonzalez, have only 31 arrests, and low-level ones, at that?

Lt. George Lampson called Arroyo, “the matriarch of the station house.” Why would a station house need a “matriarch” on the streets?

Why did the Daily News exult at Monique Williams’ attempts at beating Gonzalez?
Feminists have demanded that women be permitted to carry out all sorts of jobs for which they are completely unfit physically, up to and including law enforcement and the combat arms. It has also given women delusions about their abilities. As the saying goes, “A man’s gotta know his limitations.” A woman, too.


Deputy Assistant Chief Lillian Bonsignore

The FDNY EMS Academy is headed by a Hispanic, morbidly obese, open lesbian, Lillian Bonsignore. EMS has been turned into an affirmative action/lesbian stronghold and feeder for firepersons, where qualifications mean nothing.

The Daily News celebrated Williams’ attacks on Gonzalez merely because she is black. Let a white in the uniformed services beat a Hispanic or black violent crime suspect, and the newspaper will scream for the white’s neck. These days, I am constantly covering the persecutions of white cops who made the mistake of doing their jobs, in dealing with black petty criminals.

Gonzalez had only 31 “low-level” arrests, thanks to affirmative action policing (de-policing) and criminal justice.

What that means, in practice, is that this one-man crime wave could assault people on a daily basis, but the “disposition” of his crimes would have been in the following fashions:

There’s no cop around, and the vic figures, correctly, that the cops are worthless, and never calls it in;

The vic reports the crime to the police, but they treat a felony as if it’s a misdemeanor, or non-crime, or treat a misdemeanor assault, as if it’s nothing, go back to tending to their fakestats, and thereby prove the worthlessness of the NYPD; and

Gonzalez gets arrested on a misdemeanor charge, regardless of the severity of his crime. He either never shows up in court, and an arrest warrant is issued, or shows up in court, and is sentenced to clean city parks for two or three days, never shows up, and an arrest warrant is issued. The NYPD never arrest Gonzalez on those open warrants, which are vitiated by the city’s rolling amnesties, which “disappear” Gonzalez’ original arrests.

Including his juvenile career, a 25-year-old crime machine like Jose Gonzalez has probably committed thousands of crimes, and been arrested 100 or more times. Every day for a mope like him is a series of crimes, most of them violent.

Press time update: The Daily News’ new story is that the judge who had released Gonzales on the latter’s own recognizance back in …., in a case where Gonzales had allegedly “attempted’ to assault a police person, acted under insufficient information, as he had not had Gonzales’ complete police record. [“Career criminal was released weeks before killing EMT Yadira Arroyo because judge didn’t have his rap sheet” by Graham Rayman, New York Daily News, Monday, March 20, 2017, 5:52 P.M.]

This is to fool the rubes. For one thing, Gonzales’ “complete” police record, for all of the local media’s hyperventilating about it, was insignificant, by New York City standards. The Daily News calls him a “career criminal,” in spite of reporting that he had a measly four misdemeanor convictions. In today’s diverse New York, everyone’s grandmother has four misdemeanor convictions! And grandmothers who lack any misdemeanor convictions are “racist” (white).

Every couple of years now, the city amnesties another 1.5 million arrest warrants—in a city of 8 million men, women, children and elderly!

For another thing, assaulting a cop in New York City is typically treated like spitting on the sidewalk. You have to maim a cop, for it to count. And Gonzales allegedly only committed “attempted assault” on Miss Policeperson. What does that mean? He took a swing, and missed?

(Some readers may recall my own tale of a racist black man on the A train committing attempted murder on me in March, 1997, sucker-punching me with a metal weapon in the temple, causing a bloody wound, and the cops treating it as a “misdemeanor assault.”)

Third, the Daily News’ Graham Rayman implies that Gonzales’ Legal Aid attorney, Anna Sim, lied to Judge David Kirschner of Bronx Criminal Court in the attempted assault case, in asserting that Gonzales had no other outstanding cases against him. If Rayman’s depiction is true, the likelihood of Sim being disciplined is nil. She’s a member of an affirmative action group who lied to a white judge, on behalf of another member of an affirmative action group. If anything, she’ll get an award from Colored Liars Defending Colored Cut-Throats.

On the other side of the ledger, racial socialists, while noting that New York State has no death penalty, are treating the demand, by Yadira Arroyo’s family, that her alleged killer get the death penalty, with great respect.

But during the 2016 presidential campaign, racial socialists shamelessly condemned Donald Trump as “racist” towards blacks, because he had once called for the death penalty under similar circumstances.

The hypocritical racial attacks on Trump are worthy of their own column.

With the racist left, there is no right or wrong, or truth or falsity; there are only friends and enemies, who/whom.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Another Murder in Grand Rapids' Little Chicago


Kiara Carter

Host Richard Dawson, on Family Feud (late 1970s), “How do you stop a lively party?”

White man contestant: “With a gun.”

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at 9:01:00 P.M. EDT

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

Another murder in Grand Rapids... black-on-black, AND on the other side of town—where it SHOULD be. This also is my laugh of the day.

Police ID 18-year-old killed at Grand Rapids apt.
24 Hour News 8 web staff [WOODTV]
Published: March 21, 2017, 5:36 p.m.
Updated: March 21, 2017, 10:05 p.m.

(WOODTV) Authorities have ruled the death of an 18-year-old woman at a “troubled residence” a homicide.

Tuesday afternoon, the Grand Rapids Police Department identified the 18-year-old as Kiara Carter. She died of a gunshot wound to the head, the Kent County Medical Examiner found.

Police initially held off from calling the death a homicide as detectives and the medical examiner gathered more information.

After being called to the area of Kalamazoo Avenue and Worden Street SE just after 7 p.m. Monday on a report of a shooting, officers found Carter dead inside a house that has been divided into apartments.

GRPD says several other people were at the apartment when Carter died, but nearly all of them took off before officers arrived. Police are still working to find and interview everyone who was there.

No suspects had been arrested as of late Tuesday afternoon.

Police have described the home where the shooting happened as “troubled,” saying there have been previous reports of shots fired and possible drug activity there.

GRA: Not included in this report, but was detailed yesterday, was the fact that the blacks, while talking to reporters, tried to distort and deny that a murder had even occurred!

"They sayin' it was murder, but it was an axxident (misspelled intentionally). They don't know what deys talkin'about."

New ghetto definition of an "accident": One gunshot to the head.

So a party was going on with a large group... great time for a murder. First reports even had a rumor of it being a suicide, which I didn't buy for a nanosecond. Who kills herself at a party?

The way the black mind (?) works is astounding: Murder, scatter, and lie. Oh, and eventually get caught and go to prison.

[“Oh, and eventually get caught and go to prison.” Maybe.]

No news on the Lincoln St. case yet.



Kiara Carter

UK: Tommy Robinson Asks Questions, Gets Thrown Out of Rapefugee/“Anti-Racist” Rally

By Nicholas Stix

At Ambrose Kane.

Cops: Man Accused in Death of East Baton Rouge Deputy Questioned on Rape Allegations

By David in TN

Stop the presses! The suspect has been identified as one Brandon Wiley. He's also a rape suspect and is supposedly in critical condition.

He has previously been convicted of attempted first degree murder and "indecent behavior with a juvenile."


Is This the Face of American Neo-Nazism? Quick, Where’s the ADL and the Anne Frank Center?!


Suspected neo-Nazi Clive Jamar Wilson, and his alleged works

By Reader-Researcher A.L., who remarks,
Of course you would know it, wouldn't you?


Another face of alleged neo-Nazism, Juan Thompson, has been charged with calling in bomb threats to the ADL, and seven Jewish community centers

Chandler Police Arrest 4 Suspects in Menorah into Swastika Vandalism

By: ADI News Services
March 18, 2017

In the early morning of December 30, 2016, the Chandler Police Department received a call from the residents of 4600 block of West Boston Street regarding First Degree Trespass and Aggravated Criminal Damage. The homeowner placed a Menorah in their front yard to celebrate Hanukkah.

Sometime during the night the Menorah, which is approximately eight feet in height and constructed out of PVC pipe, was reconfigured into a swastika.

On March 17, 2017, Chandler Police Department arrested four suspects in connection with this case. One adult male suspect has been identified as 19-year-old Clive Jamar Wilson. The other three suspects are male juveniles.

All four suspects were processed and released pending submittal of charges to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.

At this time, all four suspects will be charged with one count of First Degree Criminal Trespass (Class 6 Felony) and one count of Aggravated Criminal Damage (Class 6 Felony).

Detectives are still conducting an active investigation.

• Bill | March 18, 2017 at 7:57 a.m. |
Wonder what the rest of the scumbag yutes look like.

• Joey Jo-jo | March 20, 2017 at 12:39 p.m. |
Howzabout a hate crime charge? Oh wait. Wrong color.

• BS | March 18, 2017 at 8:00 a.m. |
Sure does look like a hate crime was committed in this incident.

• The Oracle of Tucson | March 18, 2017 at 9:26 a.m. |
I wonder if the chocolate Jesus will feel the need to inject himself into this display of self-destruction with his usual “If I Had a Son, He’d Look Like This Loser, Clive Wilson”..

And sadly this will escape being tried as a hate crime since only white folks are racist and only blonde haired whites with blue eyes are anti-Semites.

Most said of all is this inbred loser most likely professes to being a Christian, and yet fails to realize Jesus wasn’t in Jerusalem to celebrate Easter…

• Luke Abra.m.s | March 18, 2017 at 12:41 p.m. |
This obviously a crime of hate and MUST be considered as such, an,d if appropriate, prosecuted as one.

• clint flicker | March 20, 2017 at 11:59 a.m. |
I may be way off-base here but I’m reasonably sure Nazis aren’t too fond of the shvartzes either.

• Hillary Clinton | March 20, 2017 at 12:04 p.m. |
Well, say what you will,, but I appreciated his vote last November…

• Cal Curmudgeon | March 20, 2017 at 12:05 p.m. |
If Barack Oba.m.a had a son….

• Dom Battaglia Grandpap | March 20, 2017 at 12:11 p.m. |
He doesn’t look like one of the white, dumb , racist Trump supporters. I thought that’s who was doing all this anti-Semite crimes. Where’s the fake news to fix this.

• Joe | March 20, 2017 at 12:13 p.m. |
Dear Toot,
I think BHO should be called the chocolate Moha.m.aJesus.

• Tim David | March 20, 2017 at 12:23 p.m. |
Clint, there’s a lack of relevance to your comment. Hatred of Jews, although taken to its ultimate conclusion by Hitler and the Nazis, is not just a Nazi phenomenon. There’s a great deal of Jew hate being preached by BLM’s puppeteers as well.

• Davan Hoffid | March 20, 2017 at 12:38 p.m. |
I’m Jewish and would be p*ssed if this were my menorah, but I actually think this is kind of funny on a number of levels.

• Schnagaloop | March 20, 2017 at 2:04 p.m. |
Davan – I like the way you think. I too found their “swastika” a bit on the comedic side – like something you’d see on that kids show “The Happy Monster Band” geared to show kids how anti-semitism is bad without actually showing any anti-semitism. LOL

• JB | March 20, 2017 at 12:49 p.m. |
Black people can’t commit hate crimes because they’re oppressed or something.

• redc1c4 | March 20, 2017 at 1:10 p.m. |
looks like a hate crime to me…
and it would be charged as such, if the perps where white.
looks like racist law enforcement to me, so call in Sessions and the DOJ.

• doesky | March 20, 2017 at 1:24 p.m. |
“There’s a great deal of Jew hate being preached by BLM’s puppeteers as well.”

More simply, the VAST majority of Jew hatred in A.m.erica comes from the Left.

Just stroll through any of the ca.m.puses dominated by the Left (at least 90%+ of A.m.erican ca.m.puses) and you will see all kinds of overt antisemitism.

When the Left has a stranglehold on opinion, antisemitism will be in full force.

• Schnagaloop | March 20, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. |
Nothing to see here folks but some good ol’ fashioned shenanigans by gentle youths just looking forward to their first semester of art college. The article seems to be mysteriously lacking in a report of police misconduct. Let’s get the “justice” department on this one asap!

• Diane | March 20, 2017 at 2:08 p.m. |
If this doesn’t get charged as a hate crime, something is seriously wrong!

• Grimmcreeper | March 20, 2017 at 2:14 p.m. |
Clive is just a misunderstood youth. Clearly his act was a response to white privilege. I’m surprised the victim wasn’t charged with breaking some kind of microaggresion law.

• Huh | March 20, 2017 at 3:03 p.m. |
I don’t think local or state Law enforcement have the authority to pursue charges of a hate Crime.
Only a Democratic Department of Justice can legally charge Hate Crime. they are on an extended break.

Monday, March 20, 2017

It Looks Like the Media Lied Again, When They Charged “Authorities” with Having Refused to Release Details in East Baton Rouge Murder of White Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. Shawn T. Anderson; Black Suspect was Once Arrested for “Two Counts of Attempted Second-Degree Murder,” but Did Only One Year Inside for Them


Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. Shawn T. Anderson—was he a war crime victim?

By Jerry PDX
Monday, March 20, 2017 at 2:42:00 P.M. EDT

I spotted this one also and got immediately suspicious when every article I could find said "authorities" weren't releasing details on the suspect. After an exhaustive search I finally found an article that posted the suspects picture and name. No surprises here:

As this and the following photographs of Brandon Wiley attest, the Baton Rouge Advocate put together a veritable photoessay on the cop-killing suspect, about whom other media outlets asserted the police had not provided any photographs or information. Kudos to reader-researcher Jerry PDX!

People have created a memorial for East Baton Rouge Sheriff'…
The suspected gunman involved in the fatal shooting of an Ea…

Suspected Baton Rouge deputy killer Brandon Wiley: What we know so far
• Advocate staff report
• Mar 20, 2017 - 10:16 a.m.
• (0)
The Advocate

Brandon Wiley, suspected in the fatal shooting of an East Baton Rouge Parish sheriff's deputy Saturday night, has prior felony convictions in East Baton Rouge Parish, according to online 19th Judicial District Court records.
Wiley was booked remotely into the jail on Sunday on three counts related to the sheriff's office investigation of him: first-degree rape, resisting an officer and illegal tattooing of a minor.


Slain EBR deputy Shawn Anderson remembered as 'epitome of…a public servant'

A veteran East Baton Rouge Parish sheriff's deputy who served high-risk warrants and earned …

State Police are still investigating the shooting of Sgt. Shawn T. Anderson, so more charges could be filed against Wiley, Trooper Bryan Lee said.

Wiley was sentenced to four months in jail following a 2010 conviction for unlawfully tattooing a minor, according to online 19th Judicial District Court records.

He pleaded guilty to a count of aggravated battery in 2005 and was sentenced to 13 months in prison following an arrest the year before on two counts of attempted second-degree murder, according to the records. He was also sentenced to two years in prison in 2011 for "inciting
a felony" after being arrested for indecent behavior with a juvenile, the records state.

A federal judge sentenced Wiley to two years in prison following a plea agreement on a count of illegally possessing a firearm as a convicted felon, according to online federal court documents.

Wiley worked out of Classic Cuts salon, according to comments he made to The Advocate in August. At the time, he was applying for Federal Emergency Management Agency benefits, saying he had lost his possessions in the flood.

He has a company registered with the Secretary of State's Office called The Preferred Look LLC, which lists Classic Cuts address as its business location and advertises tattoo work under that business name on Facebook.

His Facebook page also promotes several late-night tattoo parties at the salon, at least one of which Wiley wrote in a December post would run from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.

In a picture taken by a photographer for The Advocate in August, Wiley shows off numerous tattoos on his arms and chest.

The owner of Classic Cuts, Lilnetta Roach, said Sunday morning before details of the shooting were released that all her employees had their own keys to the strip-mall location and said it wasn't uncommon for some of her workers to be at the location until late into the night.

Roach said she understood that a male worker — whom she didn't identify by name — was in the store until late Saturday night.

Video: East Baton Rouge deputy Shawn Anderson recalls time he delivered baby on roadside
East Baton Rouge Parish deputy Shawn Anderson was killed late Saturday night while conductin…


For Those Who Can Remember, the Post-Election, JCC (Jewish Community Center) Hate Crime Hoaxes Evoke the 1996 Black Church Arson Hoaxes


The post-election, black Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church arson, in Greeneville, Mississippi, allegedly by black congregation member, Andrew McClinton. McClinton allegedly spray painted “Vote Trump,” thinking it would point to Trump supporters, when instead to any honest, decent person, it screamed, “Hate Crime Hoax!” Picture of alleged arsonist, Andrew McClinton, not included in the Atlantic’s story.

Excerpted by Nicholas Stix

Juan Thompson

The recent “fake news” about bomb threats at Jewish Community Centers and desecration of Jewish cemeteries recalls a much earlier chapter in the history of Fake News—the Black Church Burnings of the 1990s.

“The Fulford File: Fake News Frenzy–Remember the Great Black Church Burning Hoax?”


Black journalism fraud Gary Fields was the media founder of the black church arson hoax in 1996. Instead of getting him fired from his job at USA Today and turning him into a pariah, à la Jayson Blair, Fields was rewarded with a job at the Wall Street Journal in 2000, where he stayed until he took a buyout last year.

Even Their Reporters are Crooks! A Mexican Reporter Stole Tom Brady’s Jerseys from Not One, but Two Super Bowls, but We’re Not Allowed to Point that Out! And MSM Refuse to ID the Mexican Thief

By Nicholas Stix

Yahoo’s headline is deliberately confusing: “Tom Brady's stolen Super Bowl 51 jersey has been found in possession of a member of the international media in Mexico.”

“International media” makes it sound like there is some shadowy collective of stateless media operatives. English translation: The foreign media, more specifically, the Mexican media.

At Yahoo.

East Baton Rouge: New Police Tactic of Hiding the Identity of Black Murder Suspects, Even After Their Arrest, Continues, Even with Cop-Killers!


Murder victim: Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. Shawn T. Anderson; why has East Baton Rouge Sheriff Sid Gautreaux III ((225)389-5055) refused to release the suspect’s name or mug shot?

[Previously, on this case, at WEJB/NSU:

“Cops aren’t Saying, and MSM Activists aren’t Even Asking What Race the Killer of White Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. Shawn T. Anderson is, but scrappy koala Knows!”]

By David in TN

We are told the "alleged shooter was an employee of the store," but the police "have not released the name of the suspect."

Hair salon owner says man accused of killing deputy was employee WAFB

The Hate Crimes at Middlebury College Didn’t Come Out of Nowhere (SPLC News)


Read the most thorough, book-length compendium of exposés on the SPLC here—for free! (Although you’re welcome to make a generous donation to The Social Press, an amazing organization!)

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

The Hate Group That Incited the Middlebury Melee
By Carl M. Cannon
RCP Staff
March 19, 2017

Under different circumstances, Alabama civil rights lawyer Morris S. Dees and American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray might have been colleagues, even pals. Instead, Murray found himself in a near-riot at Middlebury College after accepting a speaking invitation from Republican students at the Vermont school. Students and faculty galvanized by Dees’ political organization barred Murray from speaking. They shouted him down, chanted their own manifesto, and pulled fire alarms to prevent him from being heard.

When Murray and Middlebury professor Allison Stanger tried to leave the building, they were followed by protesters who accosted them physically. The professor was grabbed by the hair and her neck twisted—she was fitted with a neck brace at a hospital—and their car rocked in a way that alarmed local authorities.

It was another victory for opponents of free speech, and if that seems like an incongruous scalp for a civil rights lawyer to wear, well, our politics are pretty odd these days.

Charles Murray is a political scientist with a doctorate degree from M.I.T. The American Enterprise Institute is a Washington-based think tank devoted to “defending human dignity, expanding human potential, and building a freer and safer world.” Its scholars believe these goals can be attained by promoting democracy and strengthening the free enterprise system in the U.S. and around the globe.

Morris Dees is a born salesman who was a committed capitalist before he entered elementary school. “When I was 5, I bought a pig for a dollar. I fattened it up and sold it for $12,” he once told People magazine. “I always had a feel for making money.”

When his mother sent him a fruitcake his freshman year in Tuscaloosa, Morris and classmate Millard Fuller wrote other students’ parents offering to deliver freshly baked birthday cakes. Soon they were selling 350 cakes per month. By the time they left law school, they were making $50,000 a year—$400,000 in today’s dollars.

After graduation, Dees and Fuller hung out a shingle and practiced law. But the real money came from their mail order business, peddling everything from cookbooks to tractor cushions. In 1969, Dees sold the direct-mail firm to the Times Mirror Co. for $6 million. By then, Fuller had cashed out, given away his money, and with his wife gone to live a Christian life building homes for the poor—efforts culminating in the creation of Habitat for Humanity.

Dees also started a nonprofit, which he named the Southern Poverty Law Center. But he gave up neither the high life nor the direct-mail business. He lives in luxury with his fifth wife and still runs the SPLC, which has used the mail-order model to amass a fortune. Its product line is an unusual one: For the past 47 years, Morris Dees has been selling fear and hate.

The business model is simple, albeit cynical, and best illustrated by its most famous case. In 1987, a Dees-led legal team won a $7 million judgment against the Ku Klux Klan in a wrongful death suit on behalf of Beulah Mae Donald, the mother of a 19-year-old kid murdered by members of the racist group. But the defendants’ total assets amounted to a building worth $52,000. That’s how much Mrs. Donald, who died the following year, received. But Dees reaped $9 million for the SPLC from fundraising solicitations about the case, including one showing a grisly photo of Michael Donald’s corpse.

Today, the center boasts a treasury of more than $300 million, the richest civil rights group in the country.

But with the Ku Klux Klan literally out of business, how was the SPLC able to frighten people into still donating? That’s where the AEI’s Charles Murray reenters our story, along with many other mainstream conservative groups. Scaring the bejesus out of people requires new bogeymen, and lots of them.

In recent years, you can find yourself on the SPLC’s “hate map” if you haven’t gotten fully aboard on gay marriage — or the Democratic Party’s immigration views. In other words, the Dees’ group classifies individuals and organizations as purveyors of “hate” for holding the same view on marriage espoused by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton until mid-2012.

Such labeling has consequences, which became clear in August 2012 when a gay rights activist named Floyd Lee Corkins entered the lobby of the Family Research Council armed with a 9mm handgun and 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches. The gun was for killing as many Christians as he could, although he only managed to wound a guard. The sandwiches? He was going to rub them in the faces of his murder victims. Corkins had heard that a Chick-fil-A executive express opposition to gay marriage. Why the Family Research Council? He told police that the Southern Poverty Law Center had labeled it “a hate group.”

This episode prompted the FBI to drop the SPLC as a resource for hate crime cases. It prompted no such soul searching in academia. Before Charles Murray’s abortive visit to Vermont, several hundred Middlebury alums signed a letter opposing his visit. They and the numerous professors and students who protested all cited the SPLC as their sole source for various slanders against Murray: He’s a racist; he favors eugenics; he’s a “white supremacist.”

Murry’s original sin is “The Bell Curve,” a book Murray co-authored more than two decades ago postulating a correlation between poverty and IQ. But it never advocated “eugenics.” Nor is he anti-gay: He’s argued in favor of gay marriage to Republican groups.

The “white supremacist” stuff is especially offensive: Murray, whose first wife was Asian, has mixed-race children.

No matter. The professors who admitted to Professor Stanger that they’d never read a word Murray had written led their students in the chants that drowned out whatever he planned to say at Middlebury.

While the anti-intellectual nature of this juvenile stunt is appalling, what’s worse is that college professors and students at an elite, expensive American college would outsource their thinking to an outfit like the SPLC. One of the professors’ talking points was that his “Bell Curve” research hadn’t been “peer reviewed.” That’s comical when one considers the shoddy nature of the SPLC’s dossiers. As liberal writer Ken Silverstein has noted, “the Law Center is essentially a fraud.”

The most scathing assessments of Dees and his group have always come from the left. [Not exactly.] Stephen B. Bright, a Yale law professor and president of the Atlanta-based Southern Center for Human Rights, calls Dees a "shyster” and a “con man.” Bright’s primary complaint is that Dees does precious little litigation on behalf of poor people with the amount of money it pulls in. SPLC’s alarmist fundraising scams, shoddy collection of information, and longstanding practice of character assassination has been on the record for years—along with its “F” rating from the respected nonprofit watchdog group Charity Watch.

As long as it is reliably hyper-partisan—and the SPLC criticizes Republicans, not Democrats—the tenured twits in America’s faculty lounges can live with all that, I guess. That’s a disturbing enough thought. But what’s the mainstream media’s excuse? How can we continue to cite it as a source and then even pretend that we are non-partisan?

The American Enterprise Institute today is led by Arthur Brooks, whose passion is attacking poverty. He has interesting ideas about how it can be done, and a willing cohort of idealistic millennials on college campuses who might want to sign on. But with Dees’ disciples shouting and pulling fire alarms and roughing up visiting speakers—and with college professors who brag that they don’t expose themselves to another side of the argument—how will they even hear about it?
Carl M. Cannon is the Washington Bureau Chief for RealClearPolitics. Reach him on Twitter @CarlCannon.

Read the most thorough, book-length compendium of exposés on the SPLC here—for free!

The SPLC: All Hate, All the Time


Read the most thorough, book-length compendium of exposés on the SPLC here—for free! (Although you’re welcome to make a generous donation to The Social Press, an amazing organization!)

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

The Southern Poverty Law Center Steps in It - Again
The Social Contract

One of the Southern Poverty Law Center's (SPLC) notorious stable of smear mongers just launched another howler. Hefty lefty Heidi Beirich penned a blog entitled "What's the Matter with Kansas' Kris Kobach" Nov. 2 on the SPLC's "Hatewatch."...

Wouldn't any normal person conclude that it was very unlikely that American minority group members in significant numbers would register and attend a convention of rabid "white nationalists?"...

This is simply the latest episode in the SPLC's long history of launching false smear attacks against political opponents...

Read the full article:

The Southern Poverty Law Center Steps in It - Again
by KC McAlpinUS Inc.
November 5, 2015

Read the related blog post:

Can a black, pro-enforcement immigration activist be a 'white nationalist?'

By Inger Eberhart
November 5, 2015
As a black American, I am outraged at the lengths the hate-mongering left goes to smear advocates for sanity and control regarding immigration...


Cops aren’t Saying, and MSM Activists aren’t Even Asking What Race the Killer of White Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. Shawn T. Anderson is, but scrappy koala Knows!



By Nicholas Stix

It’s getting worse. On March 16, cops arrested one of the three raceless suspects in the gut-shooting of a raceless, 22-year-old female in Grand Rapids, but the police refused to release a mug shot of the mope, or even his name!

While some media outlets refused to state the obvious, at least one did.
scrappy koala at 12:03 AM June 11, 2011

I've said it before and I'll say it again that you are right. Race doesn not matter and you dont need to tell us what race it is because we already know. Especially when you dont tell us. If this was White on Black crime there is no doubts on anyones mind that all of a sudden race would matter and you would report it but if its black criminals you wont say race which actually tells us the race. When ever a news site wont say the race I instantly know which race. This works pretty much 100% of the time without fail.

Start Monday with Your Weekly Multicultural Round-Up

By Nicholas Stix

At Countenance, natch.

Reasons Why the New Jersey Jets Should Sign Cop-Killer-Supporting, Free Agent Quarterback Colin Kaepernick


Only in America: Millionaire, black supremacist crybullies Spike Lee and Colin Kaepernick

By Nicholas Stix

Spike Lee Says It's 'Fishy' Colin Kaepernick Remains a Free Agent
By Scott Polacek
Featured Columnist
March 19, 2017
Bleacher Report

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick made headlines last season with the San Francisco 49ers when he didn't stand for the national anthem. Film director Spike Lee thinks it's "fishy" a team hasn't signed him in the aftermath.

Lee expressed his thoughts in an Instagram post, saying the New York Jets should sign the signal-caller and adding, "How Is It That There Are 32 NFL Teams And Kap Is Still A Free Agent? WTF. Smells MAD Fishy To Me, Stinks To The High Heavens."…

• His record as a starter in San Francisco last year was 1-10;

• He’s a racist monster;

• He supports cop-killers;

• He sent the NFL’s TV ratings into a nosedive last year;

• If the Jets or some other team doesn’t sign Kaepernick soon, Spike Lee, one of America’s most notorious black supremacists, will call the team “racist.”

Well, that’s that. The Jets simply must sign Kaepernick!

[I originally wrote this as a comment for Bleacher Report, which apparently supports black supremacist cop-killers, and indubitably supports Colin Kaepernick and Spike Lee, has shut down commenting.

Apparently, the same white men whom the PC sports police insist support the likes of Kaepernick and the St. Louis Rams and Washington Redskins players, who ran on the field in 2014, with the fake “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” gesture of the Mike Brown Hoax, cannot be trusted to know their place.

Freedom of speech for black supremacists; the freedom of silence for white patriots!

I just sent the following email to Bleacher Report:

Bleacher Report: “Like the new article format? Send us feedback!”

You new article format sucks.

Your racism is obvious, and you don’t want to get called on it.

Spike Lee and Colin Kaepernick are two of the most notorious black supremacists in America, but you clearly think they’re grand, and want to provide them with a platform, while silencing their critics. Shame on you!

If you support evil, that makes you evil, too.

I can only conclude that you support the slaughtering of white policemen.

Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

The “fishy” part is that the 49ers never cut Kaepernick, in spite of his racism, and his destroying the team’s season. A new claim by a media operative is that NFL teams are “afraid” of signing Kaepernick. However, last season, I read that league GMs hate Kaepernick. Which is it? The league, particularly President Roger Goodell, was clearly supportive of Kaepernick.

Meanwhile, a recent fake documentary by CNN activist Jason Carroll not only refused to mention the drop in NFL ratings last year, due to Kaepernick, but featured a lying, leftist, white female “expert,” who smugly asserted that fans would follow the league’s (black supremacist) stars, whatever they did.

If the Jets sign Kaepernick, I’ll be one of millions of fans to stop watching them; ditto for any other team that signs him.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Eric Hananoki of DPUSA Front Media Matters for America is a Compulsive, Racist, Lying Fool


Eric Hananoki, foreground, talking to Fox News' Brett Baier

By Nicholas Stix


One of Grand Rapids’ Recent Murders: Possible Clue in the Murder of Laurie Kay Lundeburg


Laurie Kay Lundeburg: The face of "neighborhood succession"; was she a war crime victim?

[“Laurie Kay Lundeburg, 50, is Just Another Murder Victim in Diverse Grand Rapids, Michigan’s ‘Fastest Growing Urban Area’! Pop. Only 195,000, but 20.1% Black, and 15.6% Hispanic” (Four GRA Reports in One Entry!)]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

Sunday, March 19, 2017 at 6:14:00 P.M. EDT

The first nugget of a clue concerning this murder was revealed in a report on WOOD tonight.

In an interview with a neighbor, Jesus Castillo, it was explained by Castillo that Lundeberg had been having trouble with tenants—and in fact was trying to evict “the young punks,” as Castillo called them. In fact he said that Lundeberg had been assaulted previously by this group.

He said he told her, “You don't have to take this from these young punks.”

It shouldn't be too long, based on this information to get some arrests. My assumption that Mex thugs did this is gaining much more traction.

Nice interview by WOOD.

N.S.: I wish that Castillo had refused to give his name, or to be interviewed on camera. Now his life is in danger.

Today’s New, “Horrific” Scene: New Orleans’ Newest Mass Murder was Committed Last Night, in NOLA East

By Reader-Researcher RC

A triple shooting left three people dead in New Orleans East on Saturday night (March 18), according to the New Orleans Police Department. The killings came after recent multiple slayings that rocked the New Orleans area, including a quadruple murder in M…

3 shot to death in New Orleans East 'horrific' scene, NOPD chief says

Two men and a woman were found shot to death in kitchen of a house in 6700 block of Brutus Street, police say....


You can now purchase a six-month subscription to the fake news magazine Rolling Stone at Amazon for 99 cents, but I say that’s still too high a price.

I suggest that you instead invest substantially more in real journalism, at WEJB/NSU. Please hit the “donate” button at the top of the page, to make a generous contribution.

I thank you, and your posterity will, too.


Nicholas Stix

Death Watch at Rolling Stone: Amazon is Practically Giving Away Worthless, Fraudulent Magazine


The Jackie Coakley (McGovern)-Sabrina Rubin Erdely rape hoax story

By Reader-Researcher RC

Rolling Stone magazine must be sucking wind: Amazon offering a six-month subscription for only .99.

"St." Jose Fernandez was a Killer


Emilio Jesus Macias, victim of Jose Fernandez

Eduardo Rivero, victim of Jose Fernandez

By Nicholas Stix

Thanks to “W”

There was no “tragic accident” that killed Miami Marlins pitching star Jose Fernandez. Fernandez was high as a kite on alcohol, cocaine, and “multiple other substances,” when he piloted his boat at insane speeds (65 mph) in the dark, in a dangerous area, killing his friends, Jesus Macias and Eduardo Rivero. Some friend.

When Fernandez died, the baseball world and the media acted as though he had died alone, and his death was the most significant in the history of the world. We got to hear obscene speeches from affirmative action, Hispanic media activists on how important Fernandez was to them. For days on end.

When non-Hispanic white players like Darryl Kile died during their playing days, the baseball world mourned, but did so with dignity, and did not ascribe biblical significance to the departed. And none of those non-Hispanic white guys had died killing others.

Do not expect those who reacted obscenely to Fernandez’ death to show any remorse, now that they have learned how he killed.

Due to his youth, and having missed his second season in the big leagues, due to Tommy John surgery, Fernandez was only worth $2 million-$3 million, which was expected to be split between his mother and the pregnant girlfriend, whom he had not had the decency to marry. Now, his estate will have to be split four ways, including the Macias and Rivero families.

I’m sure some “journalist,” somewhere, must have devoted stories to the significance of the lives of Jesus Macias and Eduardo Rivero, and the grief of their families and friends. I just haven’t come across them.

“Jose Fernandez was Piloting Boat at Time of Fatal Crash, Per Investigators” (Bleacher Report).


Jose Fernandez, killer

Laurie Kay Lundeburg, 50, is Just Another Murder Victim in Diverse Grand Rapids, Michigan’s “Fastest Growing Urban Area”! Pop. Only 195,000, but 20.1% Black, and 15.6% Hispanic


Laurie Kay Lundeburg: The face of "neighborhood succession"

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

Saturday, March 18, 2017 at 2:51:00 A.M. EDT

Amazingly... and I'm really shocked, because this is very close to my home, less than 6 blocks... but I checked the site, looking for info on the Elizabeth Avenue case and see MY immediate area has a murder (just a short time ago).

Woman, 50, shot and killed in Grand Rapids
24 Hour News 8 web staff []
Published: March 18, 2017, 2:23 a.m.
Updated: March 18, 2017, 8:24 p.m.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Grand Rapids police are investigating after they say a woman was found dead outside a home early Saturday morning.

Police say they were called to the 400 block of Lincoln Avenue NW around 1:04 a.m. after someone reported hearing four gunshots in the area. When they arrived, they found an adult female dead outside a home. Authorities were unable to provide any information about her age or identity.

Authorities do not have any suspects at this point.

Grand Rapids police say the department’s major case team is handling the investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call the Grand Rapids Police Department at 616.456.3400 or Silent Observer at 616.774.2345.

GRA: Also tonight, an infant and mother were shot in a car on the opposite side of GR, but police say THAT was related to an armed robbery on Leonard and Alpine (my area again). This is a crime wave that Grand Rapids West Side has never seen.

More details on THIS murder tomorrow. Horrible city.
--GR Anonymous

[N.S. Last year, a news story reported that Grand Rapids was the “fastest growing urban area” in Michigan!]

Update: Saturday, March 18, 2017 at 12:38:00 P.M. EDT

Woman found dead outside of Westside home
By Meredith TerHaar
March 18, 2017 4:01 PM. EST

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. - Grand Rapids Police are investigating after a woman was found dead outside a home on the Westside of Grand Rapids early Saturday morning.

Police were called out on a report of "sounds of gunshots" in the Lincoln Avenue near Bridge Street area around 1 a.m Saturday, March 18. When officers arrived on the scene, they found Laurie Kay Lundeburg, 51, of Grand Rapids, with multiple gunshot wounds dead outside in front of a home.

Police do not have any suspect information at this time.

GRA: Robbery or domestic, that is the question. This one seems more domestic, but it IS a horrible area, so a break-in by ghetto filth cannot be dismissed. Coin flip here.
--GR Anonymous

Saturday, March 18, 2017 at 12:57:00 P.M. EDT


If we're not careful, we're going to be called Little Chicago--if this keeps up.

GRAND RAPIDS, MI - Police are investigating after a body was found near the medical mile downtown.

At approximately 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, March 18, dispatch reports indicated a person was possibly shot at the corner of Lafayette Avenue and Hastings Street.

Police at the scene would not confirm that a person was shot, but the Grand Rapids Police Forensics Unit was seen covering a body.

Traffic in both directions of Lafayette Avenue were closed.

GRA: Another slummy area of GR. Someone walking where they shouldn't be.
--GR Anonymous

Update: Sunday, March 19, 2017 at 1:02:00 A.M. EDT

On the Laurie Kay Lundeburg killing, police say “no suspects” in her murder. The unfortunate white woman (pic of her on WOOD-TV via Facebook) now it would appear, is a victim of a break-in and murder, in my humble opinion. No talk of a husband or boyfriend being a suspect and her house—in the 400 block of Lincoln NW, is tucked away in a disgustingly black and Mexican dominated area. It's actually a dead-end street, and the few businesses that exist nearby, are usually associated with low income areas—pawn shops, check cashing, and used clothing and furniture stores. And Mexican dives that pass for restaurants.

The area may have done her in. I'll pass info, as I receive it. My guess is that a Mexican or group of them will be ID'ed, if anyone is found at all.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

AOL Lies about Tim Allen’s Criticism of Hollywood, Acting as if Patriotic Comedian Had Implied to Jimmy Kimmel that President Trump is a Nazi!


Tim Allen on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Full Interview 3/16/17 [The excerpt shown by AOL starts at 4:00, and runs through to the end.]


Tim Allen on why 'you've gotta be careful' when talking about Donald Trump Editors
Mar 17th 2017 10:34 A.M.

Tim Allen appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Thursday night and compared Trump's America to Nazi Germany.

When Kimmel asked him about Allen's trip to Trump's inauguration, the comedian clearly felt the need to defend himself.

"You've gotta be real careful around here. You get beat up if you don't believe what everybody believes," he said with a laugh. "This is like '30s Germany. I don't know what happened. If you're not part of the group, 'You know what we believe is right,' I go, 'Well, I might have a problem with that.'"

The "Last Man Standing" actor went on to explain that as a comedian, he likes "going on both sides" when it comes to issues that are of interest to the public.

Watch his full interview in the video above.

N.S.: I couldn’t find the new Allen-Kimmel video (hit the AOL link at the top, to see it) at Youtube, but here’s one from last November, just after the election, in which Allen expresses the same sentiments.

Postscript: I found it, but the version I found and posted runs 8:37, rather than the shortened, AOL version, which runs only 4:37.]

Tim Allen reacts to liberal Hollywood's anti-Trump crusade


Published on Nov 21, 2016 by Fox News.
'Last Man Standing' star weighs in on 'The Kelly File'

Top Indiana Election Official Alleges More Voter Fraud

By Nicholas Stix

At the Indianapolis Star.

ABC 20/20 is Ignoring Many of the Worst Atrocities in America, None of Which it Has Ever Covered, to Instead Focus on Done-to-Death Charles Manson; I Wonder Why?


War crime victims Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, of the Knoxville Horror

By David in TN

ABC 20/20 is running a "new" special on Charles Manson tonight (Friday). Why don't they do one on the Zebra/NOI killings? Or the Knoxville Horror?

Meeting Charles Manson in prison made 'the hair on the back of my neck' stand up, says former ABC News sound man.


War crime victim, NYPD Officer Phillip Cardillo, murdered in an ambush by the NOI


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For over 20 years, if memory serves, I’ve sworn by Flents Quiet Please! Although other brands and types have higher noise reduction ratings, in practice FQP do a much better job. I buy FQPs online from a guy angling to be The Richest Man in the Universe. I haven’t seen this kind of ear plugs in stores in years, and when I did, it was in tiny, relatively expensive packs.

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Nicholas Stix