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Political Cartoons: This is What Islam Looks Like, and This is What a Western “Expert” on Islam Looks Like



I have spoken for years on the importance of being ignorant. That’s why I’m never cited as an “expert” on crime, and in my previous life, was never cited as an "expert" on education.

A tip ‘o the hate to

“You know, I’m not white”; Rachel Dolezal’s Back! Still White, Still Lying, Still Racist


Three faces of Rachel: Before the Con

Rachel Dolezal in her "sister act"

Undated photo, apparently after Dolezal was exposed--she's still got the "black" perm, but she's no longer coloring her skin

By Jerry PDX

Rachel Dolezal is back in the news and using it as a forum for self-pitying whining and blaming "whites" for her current life situation:

“Rachel Dolezal is Nearly Homeless, on Food Stamps and Still White,” Daily Caller/MSN, by Rob Shimshock, February 26, 2016.

“‘There’s no protected class for me,’ the former NAACP branch president told The Guardian. ‘I’m this generic, ambiguous scapegoat for white people to call me a race traitor and take out their hostility on. And I’m a target for anger and pain about white people from the black community. It’s like I am the worst of all these worlds.’

“Dolezal has applied for over 100 jobs, but has received no offers, even from a supermarket. She has, however, been offered work in porn and reality TV. While a friend helped pay her rent for February, Dolezal expects she’ll lose her home next month.

“‘I do think a more complex label would be helpful, but we don’t really have that vocabulary,’ said the former Africana studies instructor. ‘I feel like the idea of being trans-black would be much more accurate than “I’m white.” Because you know, I’m not white.’

“‘It wasn’t like the honest thing to do is say, “I’m white”, because race is a social construct,’ stated Dolezal to The Guardian. ‘And this gave me this great sense of internal freedom: I wasn’t actually all fucked up. I was actually on to something this whole time.’

“‘I’m not going to stoop and apologize and grovel and feel bad about it. I would just be going back to when I was little, and had to be what everybody else told me I should be – to make them happy.’”

She is nearly homeless, broke, and jobless. She says she has sent out over 100 job applications, but no one will hire her. She claims it's white America getting vengeance on her for being a race traitor.

This woman is as clueless as she is dumb. Let me explain something, Ms. Dolezal: You lied about being black to claim benefits for blacks and to get a job you otherwise would not have been hired for, and you lied to about being another race on public television, for all the world to see. You have committed fraud, lied to your employers, and misrepresented on many levels but still can't figure out why no one will hire you. You may not be genetically black but you share one characteristic with black Americans: An innate inability to take personal responsibility for your actions.

The job she fraudulently got was head of the NAACP chapter of her city, Spokane. If Dolezal is an example of what it takes to be a leader in the NAACP, then maybe it explains why the NAACP such a mindless and racist organization.

I couldn't find any information on where the father of her biracial children is in all this. He is a black man, and since he's not stepping up to the plate I'm going to assume he's doing what most American black men do: Findem, Fuckem, & Flee (lyrics to a rap song by racist rap group Niggers with Attitude). Seriously, if he were gainfully employed, she and her children wouldn't be in this predicament, so he must be a deadbeat, black father. Wow, another stereotype that Ms. Dolezal just had to reinforce, though I'm sure she has some rationalization that blames "whitey."

Maybe the black (husband? or just baby daddy) father decided this bitch wasn't worth the effort. He probably has a fetish for white women, and all her efforts to look black physically have turned him off.

She also says in the article that race is a "social construct." Is that so? So how did jet black skin and black wiry hair get "socially constructed"? It all looks pretty physical to me. And how did the predilection for violence and rape endemic in the negro race get "socially constructed"? Besides, if race really is some kind of artificial social projection and doesn't, or shouldn't, really exist, why is Ms. Dolezal so intent on being a specific race (namely negro)? I would think she would declare herself to be a non-specific racial person. This woman is a psychotic bundle of contradictions.

[N.S.: I think Jerry is being too kind. In my book, she’s a neurotic, pretentious, con artist.]

Just for laughs, check out this appearance she made on The Real, the black equivalent of The View:

She's clearly been in the tanning booth for hours and has a fake weave, trying to look as black as possible. Not a good idea in a room full of actual black women, and they definitely weren't having it, especially one of them, I think her name was Tamar, she wouldn't let her off the hook.

Sunday, February 26, 2017 at 10:37:00 P.M. EST


Dolezal's current get-up. She's coming out with a propagandistic autobiography next month, so she's probably not in any danger of becoming homeless.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

“The Happiest Place on Earth”: Hundreds of Gang-Bangers and Their Supporters Illegally Take Over Street, in Support of Punk Who Menaced Off-Duty Policeman; 24 are Arrested

By Reader-Researcher RC

Community Members Protesting in Anaheim Over Fight Between ...

A group of people gathered in Anaheim on Wednesday night to protest the physical altercation between a teenage boy and an off-duty LAPD officer, during which the ...

“Hundreds Protest in Anaheim Over Altercation Between Teenager and Off-Duty LAPD Officer Who Fired Gun; 24 People Arrested”

RC: Why didn't Anaheim cops bring in helicopter gunships for a "teachable moment"?

Second Murder at a Texas Subway Shop in the Past Week: This Time, It was the Security Guard!

By A Texas Reader

Security guard killed at Central Texas Subway sandwich shop
AP/San Antonio Express-News

KILLEEN, Texas (AP) — A security guard working at a Subway sandwich store in Central Texas has been shot and killed. Killeen Police Department spokeswoman Ofelia Miramontez says officers responding about 3:45 a.m. Sunday to a 911 call about a robbery at the sandwich restaurant found the security officer suffering a gunshot wound....

ATR: Second murder at a Texas Subway shop in the past week.

The Oscar Pre-Game Show: The Red Carpet is Now the “Black Carpet”

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

CNN, yes... but also most network programming is now calculated to force its liberal will on white America.

On the African Broadcast Company (ABC), who else could we expect but negress Robin Roberts, negro Michael Strahan, and token white Lara Spencer hosting the pre-Oscar red carpet crappola.

Plenty of blacks that were nominated for them to talk to. Some black guy named Ali talking to Roberts, Halle Berry talking to Strahan (about how many blacks were nominated—and if it was enough). Then on to Strahan and black Janelle Monet.

So if you like NigTV, this was your cup of black tea.

A small microcosm of the relentless, daily pounding of the black and Mexican viewpoint being allowed to replace whites. IT'S NOT EVEN 50/50! It's "aren't blacks and Hispanics wonderful?..” 24 hours a day.

From news, to talk shows, to programming—an overwhelming bias in favor of blacks and Mex.
I still have it on, and fat blackie, Octavia Spencer, talks to Roberts. Who cares?

The meeting at ABC must have been: "Let's get all the blacks on here to stuff down Trump's followers’ and white America's collective throat."

To wrap everything up, black Viola Davis yammered a few lines to Strahan. This was all done consecutively—no whites allowed!

Amazing to watch...and a new low in Academy Award history.

Now all I need to see is Kimmell crack some anti-white jokes to make me reach for some Prilosec...and the remote.

--GR Anonymous

Sunday, February 26, 2017 at 7:58:00 P.M. EST

N.S.: You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din!

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

By the way, I have NO interest in any of the movies being honored this year, nor any of the black stars being put on a pedestal. My only reason to watch this mess, was to prove to myself that it would be as horrific an assortment of political and racial rantings as I thought. If I can last through a portion of it, I'll give my opinion later.

Meanwhile, another blackie, Naomie Harris, got on before the actual show. I'm definitely interested in seeing how Jimmy Kimmel plays it—after last year’s Chris Rock induced, miserably slanted show. I'm betting the host may have changed, but the writers didn't.

[N.S. Naomie Harris is an affirmative action recipient of an OBE, “Officer of the British Empire.”

“An OBE is awarded for having a ‘major local role in any activity, including people whose work has made them known nationally in their chosen area.’”]

Sunday, February 26, 2017 at 8:22:00 P.M. EST

Is There Anything at CNN that isn’t Politicized, Treasonous, and Evil?

By Nicholas Stix

H.R. McMaster is now the National Security Advisor. (The position doesn’t require congressional approval.) President Trump named McMaster, after throwing his original and preferred choice, Mike Flynn under the bus, in order to pander to Trump’s MSM enemies, but which got him nothing!

CNN is exultant. The Communist News Network asserts that we finally have a “professional” as National Security Advisor.

The moment CNN praises anything Trump does, you know he’s screwed up. It’s that simple. That’s how deep the red network’s hatred for our commander-in-chief, and for America goes.

McMaster refuses to use the term “radical Islamic terrorism.” Like Neil Gorsuch, he’s sucking up to the racist, treasonous Left. That means he’s working for the wrong president. He thinks he serves not at the pleasure of the President, but of CNN, and its commie swine MSM comrades. Imagine the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” tolerating insubordination or insult from a National Security Advisor or Supreme Court pick. He, who publicly humiliated Supreme Court justices.

Either Trump is the commander-in-chief, or the treasonous, racial socialist alliance is. And that means that H.R. McMaster has got to go. Neil Gorsuch, too.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

U.S. News & World Report: No White Men Need Apply to America’s Colleges and Universities (Photoessay)


Message: The white girls are both going to sleep with the black guy and have his children, while the handsome white guy is out of luck!

There are some pics of white females, but they are virtually always either alone, or in the company of other affirmative action groups

"3 Signs Online Ed Isn't Right for You": A pretty Hispanic female--the demographic that will save the American university!

"Scholarships for Science Majors": A black or mulatto female--she'll cure the common cold!

"Immigration Flap Could Boost College Costs": A raceless, faceless man, two racist white girls, and 85% of a man who might be white, and who also might be a homosexual

"Prep Wisely for the US History SAT": Yep, a Hispanic male is today's typical U.S. history scholar!

"States Try to Address Student Debt": The typical student buried in debt

"10 Scholarship Myths That Could Cost You": Homosexual Hispanic males, yeah!

"Life at Tuition-Free European Schools": What sort of "European school would have a clump of seven "diverse" students of three different races, none of whom is a white man? No way is this from a European university.

"Charter School Students Reveal College Hopes, Dreams and Fears": I have yet to see a picture of a white charter school student, male or female

"Colleges Where Students Want to Enroll"/"U.S. Naval Academy Trains Students for Success" (I saw the same pic accompanying both headlines a few hours apart): Pic is unrepresentative. The USNA must meet affirmative action quotas for females.

"Scholarships for the Physically Disabled": Finally, a place where "white males" are not marginalized, or "disappeared"--in propaganda photos depicting the handicapped!

By Nicholas Stix

I got these pics from the page for conservative, Great Books-oriented, St. John’s College, in Maryland, but U.S. News posted the same articles and propaganda pics on every college page.

The Bureaucrat’s Veto: Orange County Fairgrounds CEO Kathy Kramer is Shutting Down Entire Fairgrounds, to Prevent Trump Supporters from Holding a MAGA March There on March 25!


OC Fair CEO Kathy Kramer, who is unlikely to have voted for President Trump

Thanks to Reader-Researcher RC.

N.S.: OC Fair CEO Kathy Kramer said she was closing the entire fairgrounds for the entire weekend of March 25 and 26, due to “public safety concerns,” but if you believe that, I have a great deal for you on a slightly used bridge.

Kramer knows that the Trump supporters have held off applying for a march permit, because they don’t want the racist rioters to know yet, but that the march is scheduled for Saturday, March 25. Because of that delay, the march organizers had not yet applied to march at the OC Fairgrounds. Kathy Kramer took advantage of the situation caused by the communist/anarchist rioters, and canceled all fairground activities for the entire weekend, in order to ensure that the Trump supporters would not be able to use the fairgrounds.

At KTLA, the Rodney King Memorial station.


OC Fair spokesman Terry Moore

Friday, February 24, 2017

Is Secession the Answer? The only viable option for the productive members of society to seek redress of state oppression is to argue, work, and eventually fight for political secession and the fragmentation of states as much as possible

By A Texas Reader

Fri, Feb 24, 2017 11:48 p.m.

California, Nestle, and Decentralization

When Nestle and other oppressed businesses and individuals can easily escape the clutches of totalitarian entities like California and, more importantly, the most dangerous government on the face of the earth for freer destinations, then will individual liberty and economic growth be assured.

ATR: So far Kubota Tractor, Toyota of North America, Farmer Brothers Coffee, Jamba Juice, Fluor Corporation, and Jacobs Engineering have all moved from California to Dallas - Fort Worth.

Sacramento is full of parochial ignoramuses and lunatics running the asylum.

(CNN) “An undocumented immigrant previously deported for felony convictions was arrested Friday as a suspect in a double stabbing and kidnapping, authorities said.”

By A Texas Reader

Undocumented immigrant arrested after double stabbing, kidnapping

An undocumented immigrant previously deported for felony convictions was arrested Friday as a suspect in a double stabbing and kidnapping, authorities said.

ATR: I am surprised that CNN published this.

Poverty Pimps Introduce $600 Million Plan to Subsidize and Get Out of Jail Free Chicago’s Black and Hispanic Muggers, Rapists, and Murderers, and Vastly Increase Graft for the Poverty Pimps

By Nicholas Stix

“Boys and Girls Club CEO Michael Johnson and other community leaders will introduce a $600 million 15-point plan to reduce violence while at the Chicago Police Department headquarters Thursday.”

Some of the wish list items are duplicates, so they are separated by other wishes, in a pathetic attempt to fool readers.
Providing mental health therapy for families
Providing court advocates for low-income individuals 25-years-old and younger
Building new community centers in targeted neighborhoods
Funding robust functional family therapy programs
An increasingly dwindling white net tax base has been paying for such programs for 52 years, yet the results have always been the opposite of what has been promised, and the price tag keeps going up.

However, anyone who points this out is destroyed, the media hushes everything up, and Republicans have been more clever than courageous in papering over the increasing criminality of the black and Hispanic criminal classes through fakestats and, now, supporting get-out-of-jail-free cards for colored felons.

In 2014, the Heritage Foundation’s Robert Rector estimated that the federal government had spent $20.7 trillion in 2011 dollars ($22.35 trillion, in 2017 dollars) on so-called anti-poverty programs, mostly for blacks, but Rector always lowballs his figures. Plus, he didn’t count other costs in the trillions that blacks levied on whites through affirmative action, crime, and by destroying the property values of millions of whites’ homes, so that they ultimately were forced to sell at a loss, or just desert them, unsold, and flee racist black terror.

In addition to pauperizing whites, these programs encourage black criminality by rationalizing it as positive, and encouraging the murderous racism that their clients already have.

At Countenance, where else?

Chicago Has Deadliest Day of 2017, Seven Killed

By Reader-Researcher RC

At Breitbart.

Texas: Black Inmate’s Death Sentence Rejected by Supreme Court, because Psychologist Testifying as Expert Witness Told the Truth!

By “W”

Today’s Wall Street Journal: The Supreme Court found that Texas’s state-court proceedings were flawed by the testimony of psychologist Walter Quijano, who offered evidence that blacks are more prone to violence than members of other races, etc. and that blacks and Hispanics commit a disproportionate number of violent crimes.


Thursday, February 23, 2017

White Cop: ‘Get Off My Lawn’; Minority (Hispanic?) Gang-Bangers and Black Supremacist NBC Media Activist Lesta Holt, ‘We’ll Bury You!’

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

Minority kids attack white cop... Lester Holt makes it an effing headline—first story of the night—on Negro Nightly News, but twists it to make the cop look bad.

(CBS-LA) The Los Angeles Police Protective League says publicly available cellphone video shows the officer was physically assaulted by multiple individuals and sustained injuries in Tuesday’s incident.

The union says an officer has the right to self-defense no matter the age of the offender.

Dozens of people protested outside the officer’s home Wednesday night. The infractions attributed to the protestors were all misdemeanors and included failure to disperse, resisting arrest and battery on a peace officer, Anaheim police Sgt. Daron Wyatt said.

According to Wyatt, the officer has been dealing with local teens walking across his lawn, and the officer asking the teens to walk on the sidewalk Tuesday sparked the fight. Anaheim’s police chief Thursday cited insufficient evidence in the decision not to arrest an off-duty Los Angeles police officer who fired a weapon during an altercation with a group of teenagers.

In an afternoon news conference, Anaheim police Chief Raul Quezada said officers interviewed everyone involved in the skirmish, and arrested a 13-year-old boy on suspicion of making criminal threats after the off-duty officer alleged that the teen had threatened to shoot him.

The boy disputed that claim, saying he told the off-duty officer he was going to “sue” him.

Another teen was arrested for allegedly assaulting the officer during the struggle. Quezada said the off-duty officer, who has not been identified, was interviewed and his weapon was seized.

In all, nearly two dozen people were arrested after the confrontation between the off-duty officer and a group of teens occurred about 2:40 p.m. Tuesday near Euclid Street and Palais Road, according to police.

A forensics team Thursday searched for evidence at the home, which was later vandalized along with the officer’s vehicle.

GRA: Lesta's specialty. The minority thugs of the future are at fault, yet Holt plays it up as if it was a racist cop attacking poor Mexis. (Or black; who can tell?)

On top of everything, the cop’s home and car were vandalized, as was the next door neighbor’s—because the mob didn't know which house was the cop’s.

Why it was the lead story on a national “news” network escapes me, except for the obvious reason—and the correct one: Anti-cop, anti-white, pro-thug agenda.

Click goes the remote.

---GR Anonymous

Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 7:01:00 P.M. EST

‘You Can’t Lock Her Up, She’s Sick’! Criminal Parasite from El Salvador’s Family, Team of Liars Demand She be Released, and Get Lavish Medical Care at the Expense of White, Law-Abiding, American Taxpayers


Sara Beltran Hernandez

By A Texas Reader

“For 13 days now, Sara Beltran Hernandez, a 26-year-old undocumented mother of two from El Salvador, has been very, very sick, according to her legal team. In fact, they say Sara told them that doctors said she likely has a brain tumor.”

Family of severely-ill detained Salvadoran mother plead [sic] for her release

26-year-old Sara Beltran Hernandez has been in the US illegally for more than a year, and her family is demanding her release from federal custody for medical care

ATR: Why the [heck] doesn't she go see a shaman in El Salvador?

I had malignant melanoma 8 years ago. I had no insurance at the time. So, I had to pay for my two surgeries with a credit card. A [frigging] credit card.

Yet some unemployed parasite gets "free," First World medical treatment.

I hate this country.

N.S.: She has her own team of liars? I wish I could afford even one liar for meself!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Happy Washington’s Birthday, 2017!



Gilbert Stuart, “Williamstown Portrait of George Washington”

By Nicholas Stix
Originally published on February 22, 2012

In case someone should say, “But Washington’s Birthday is celebrated on the third Monday of February,” I am not concerned with that. Perhaps I shall one day celebrate the man’s birthday on a Monday, but the fact remains that the father of our country was born on February 22, 1732.

Pray tell why, however, there are different rules for Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Washington’s Birthday? With MLK Day, the official rule is to celebrate the holiday after the honoree’s birthday; with Washington’s Birthday, however, the rule is to celebrate the day typically before the honoree’s birthday.

“First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen.”

As eulogized by “Henry Lee, a soldier and political leader from Washington's home state of Virginia.”


“General George Washington Crossing the Delaware at the Battle of Trenton on Christmas Night 1776,” by Emmanuel Leutze

David Ramsay’s The Life of George Washington

From Larry Auster’s 2004 meditation on Washington’s Birthday, by way of Kidist Paulos Asrat (“Kidist” is a name, rather than a devotee of a movement “Kidism,” and Asrat is a female):

In the moving final verse of Byron’s “Ode to Napolean Bonaparte,” the poet turns away in disgust from that vain French tyrant and looks westward to find a man who embodies true political virtue:

Where may the wearied eye repose
When gazing on the Great;
Where neither guilty glory glows,
Nor despicable state?
Yes, one—the first—the last—the best,
The Cincinnatus of the West,
Whom envy dared not hate,
Bequeath’d the name of Washington,
To make men blush there was but one!

Washington at 53 (1785) by Jean Antoine Houdon, The Louvre

Portrait by John Trumbull 1782

Are you confused as between Washington’s Birthday and “President’s Day”? I sure was, until Rebecca McCarthy sorted things out for me.


Nicholas Stix


Statue at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Glendale, California


Anonymous said...
When have you seen that much ice in the Delaware River?
Sunday, February 22, 2015 at 9:59:00 AM EST

Anonymous said...
Washington was born in 1732, not 1735.
Monday, February 23, 2015 at 3:30:00 PM EST

Anonymous said...
That period painting of crossing the Delaware was during what was called a Little Ice Age. A period of cold that began in the 1600's and lasted for almost 200 years.

First the Maunder Minimum. NO sunspots or few sunspots for a forty year period. Then about 200 years of bad cold.

Supposedly we are beginning the start of a Maunder Minimum right now.
Monday, February 23, 2015 at 11:19:00 PM EST

Anonymous said...
George III on hearing that
Washington had refused the kingship of the United States reputedly said: "if this indeed be true Washington is the greatest man alive!!"

Indeed he was.
Monday, February 23, 2015 at 11:20:00 PM EST

phillyguy said...
Right now!
Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at 11:18:00 PM EST


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Bill Maher Jokes About Moslem Terror in Sweden; Swedes are Not Amused

Mea No Culpa: Milo Yiannopoulos Says, ‘I am a Victim, Too!’


The cover of Yiannopoulos' book, Dangerous which was to have been published in June by Simon & Schuster, but which the publishing giant killed yesterday

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

By Milo Yiannopoulos
13 hrs ·

I am a gay man, and a child abuse victim.

I would like to restate my utter disgust at adults who sexually abuse minors. I am horrified by pedophilia and I have devoted large portions of my career as a journalist to exposing child abusers. I've outed three of them, in fact -- three more than most of my critics. And I've repeatedly expressed disgust at pedophilia in my feature and opinion writing. My professional record is very clear.

But I do understand that these videos, even though some of them are edited deceptively, paint a different picture.

I'm partly to blame. My own experiences as a victim led me to believe I could say anything I wanted to on this subject, no matter how outrageous. But I understand that my usual blend of British sarcasm, provocation and gallows humor might have come across as flippancy, a lack of care for other victims or, worse, "advocacy." I deeply regret that. People deal with things from their past in different ways.

As to some of the specific claims being made, sometimes things tumble out of your mouth on these long, late-night live-streams, when everyone is spit-balling, that are incompletely expressed or not what you intended. Nonetheless, I've reviewed the tapes that appeared last night in their proper full context and I don't believe they say what is being reported.

I do not advocate for illegal behavior. I explicitly say on the tapes that I think the current age of consent is "about right."

I do not believe sex with 13-year-olds is okay. When I mentioned the number 13, I was talking about the age I lost my own virginity.

I shouldn't have used the word "boy" -- which gay men often do to describe young men of consenting age -- instead of "young man." That was an error.

I am certainly guilty of imprecise language, which I regret.

Anyone who suggests I turn a blind eye to illegal activity or to the abuse of minors is unequivocally wrong. I am implacably opposed to the normalization of pedophilia and I will continue to report and speak accordingly.

Previous statement:


February 17, 2017 TV appearance on Bill Maher's show

The Milo Follies











Link to Drudge

Video: Didn’t This Swedish Police Chief Get the Memo from the Prime Minister? He Says Swedish Women are in Continuous Danger at Night of being Raped by Raceless, Faceless, “Completely Sober” Men!

By Nicholas Stix

“Completely sober” will be the next phrase forbidden by the commissars as a “racist code phrase,” since it gives away that the rapists are Moslem rapefugees.

However, based on my experience with Arab Moslems in West Germany, I have faith that the Moslem “immigrants” in Sweden will soon assimilate to Swedish rapist norms, and get good and drunk before gang-raping pale, Christian, Swedish beauties.

Yet Another Thing We Can Blame on John Derbyshire!

By Nicholas Stix

The Derb’s done it again!

My VDARE colleague John Derbyshire has called for “some Alt Right poetry — enough of it ultimately, perhaps, to be gathered in an anthology, to be published by”

I don’t think I ever revealed this before, but I am a former elementary school ghostwriter of doggerel and discourse.

I haven’t written any doggerel in several years, but Derbyshire provoked what is to follow. That’s right. In the face of criticism, I have no intention of taking responsibility. However, I fully intend to accept any and all praise.

The Prisoner
By Nicholas Stix

On her own Devil’s Island she stands,
Alone, one arm raised,

I once visited her,
Walked up the winding stairs
To her crown.

Mom had said,
“Let’s go,”
And so we went.

But now visitors must apply
Six months in advance,
To the prison authorities.

If only we could break her out,
For the sake of freedom,
Hers and ours alike.